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Many of you know and love my friend Fifi O’Neill, she is the editor of French Country Style Magazine, Romantic Country Magazine, Prairie Style Magazine, and the author of the Prairie Style Decorating and Cook Book, amongst many other things. She is lovely, inspiring, has more creativity than most people I know, and French, too! Author, stylist, photographer and designer, she is truly a one woman design inspiration and the force behind Prairie Style.  I am thrilled that Fifi has sent me some of the beautiful images from her latest published book:  Prairie Style Weddings.  I bought copies of Prairie Style Weddings for all the brides to be I know this season, and  I will be giving away a copy of Prairie Style Weddings to one lucky winner, enter at the bottom of the post, entries will be closed after Sunday, Jan. 18th.

Born in Paris, Fifi has fond memories of visiting the French countryside with her family, it is there her love of the country began.  This book is filled with the most beautiful images of outdoor weddings, “in the prairie”, in gardens, barns and farms. It includes lots of “how to” ideas to make your own wedding just what you have dreamt of all your life. Filled with so many gorgeous ideas, this is a source book for any type of outdoor event, not just weddings. {Think garden parties, dinners, bridal showers and pretty much everything you celebrate outdoors!}

Who wouldn’t want to have a ceremony just like this one, above?  Or a reception in a huge barn, filled with flowers, antique rugs, lace, and chandeliers?  A glorious mix of antiques and simple country pieces, each venue portrayed is charming, and sure to make every bride’s heart melt.


One of the most beautiful floral bouquets in the book, this is stunning for any party, or to show off your latest antique enamelware teapot to its best advantage. Photographed by Mark Lohman, who has the knack of making every image a star.


Lots of personal touches is what most modern brides want, and Prairie Style Weddings delivers lots of inspiration for memorable, personal ceremonies, receptions and parties.


Not just for receptions, a rehearsal dinner outdoors is just the casual elegant look that makes weddings not just beautiful, but memorable and fun!


Beyond inspirational, If you want to transform an everyday venue into something magical, then this book will ignite your creative spark!

So, wondering how you can win a copy of this book? {Open to USA Residents only} Just leave me a comment below, and tell me what kind of event you would be inspired to have after looking through Fifi’s book. And please visit Fifi on her blog, and leave her a comment about loving her book.


You can watch Fifi here, and visit her on FaceBook here.  Fifi will be doing book signings this year…if you are in Southern California, please come to Vignettes in San Diego on Valentine’s Day to meet Fifi and have her sign a book for you. I will be there, and Vignettes is a fantastic shop filled with the most amazing antiques. {win! win!}


97 thoughts on “Prairie Style Weddings: BOOK GIVEAWAY”

  1. It is Diane, I hope you have a chance to savor each and every page!

  2. Ulrike Martin

    Wonderful , I Hope i can buy this Book One Time in Germany !!

  3. jeanne w

    Dear Fifi,your book looks magnificent! I always dream of hosting a 5 course formal dinner party once a month with all the correct table settings, linen ,glassware, flowers to the menu
    Everyone will dress up for would be so much fun!

  4. Hello dear Lidy… how kind of you to host a giveaway of adorable Fifi’s new book… please do not enter me in your giveaway though, as I already had pre~ordered my copy and am enjoying it so much!… I also have emailed my friend Fifi as well, and left her my 5 star rating on Amazon… love love love this book, even though there are no weddings coming up in our family, I am so inspired by everything and plan on creating some beauty in my home and gardens… xoxo… Julie Marie

  5. Lauri Schroeder

    Hi Lidy! Thank you so much for having this giveaway for this beautiful book. My daughter is getting married in may and we have dreamed about this day for a very long time. I’m currently recovering from hip replacement surgery so I don’t have the budget I was hoping to have for her big day.I’m also a single parent so their is no Dad to depend on. I would just love to give her the wedding of her dreams because she so deserves it! She’s a great daughter and her fiance is a perfect match. So I feel this beautiful book would be so great for as many DIY projects as we can use. Plus I adore Fifi. She’s so talented. Thank you for this opportunity.

  6. Sharon Morales

    Creative inspiration for if my 44 year old son ever decides to marry! Thank you for constantly inspiring me with your beautifol blog and photos….

  7. Tanya Jackson

    Love this look. my youngest daughter is getting married on my oldest daughter’s farm. should would help with her wedding.

  8. I just adore this style; a blend of elegance and rustic country with a big dose of lovely nature! Sigh…. Just gorgeous. 🙂

  9. Michael Kinh

    Loooooove this book! I ordered mine before it was in book stores! I would love to win one for my mom… A true romantic, who has been very inspirational in my life!
    Here’s hoping!

  10. Jennifer

    I love entertaining outside and am getting some great ideas from Fifi’s book.

  11. kathleen norato

    I often have tea party luncheons….great ideas…

  12. I would love to win this book. I would love to plan an anniversary party for my husband and I. I know this beautiful book would help me in so many ways possible. I would appreciate your book so very much! Thank you and many blessings forever, Raney

  13. I love Fifi’s style and her magazines and books. She is such an inspiration and a bundle of energy! We have emailed back and forth a few times and I have a tremendous respect for her. Lidy, thank you for offering her recent book to one of us lucky winners. I haven’t bought it yet, but would sure love to add it to my stack of fav books.

    Have a happy week!

    Northern California

  14. PS: I forgot this part: We are going to be landscaping our side yard this spring and I love the idea of using an old lace panel on top of a farmhouse table….that of which I hope to add in the plan.

  15. Belinda

    Stunning! This looks so beautiful, you do know the most exciting people. I would use this inspiration for events but also just for outdoor decorating.

  16. So beautiful – I want to get married all over again! Love to have an outdoor brunch (when it gets warm again!).

  17. As an antiquer, junker and life long resident of the Kansas prairie this book really speaks to me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your copy might find it’s way to a coffee table near me. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.

  18. I would love to win this book. I help cater/decorate for weddings. This would be so helpful for fresh and different ideas!

  19. Rusty McHale

    I just love country decor and roses. You are very inspirational with your creative use of antiques.

  20. melinda randall

    Beautiful pictures and ideas. Perfect eye candy!

  21. Cheryl Simmons

    Truly joyous, like dressing the barn for Christmas in the summertime! Thank you for sharing this with us, Lidy – it’s no surprise that you have friends with as much talent and inspiration as you.

  22. Ronda Parsons

    I would love to win this beautiful book for my niece who is about to become engaged. Thank you for the lovely inspiration.

  23. Jean in TX

    I’d love to have a copy to put under my pillow and dream about a wedding for my daughter!

  24. I would have a nice outdoor yard party in the spring. I live in southeast Texas and it is cold and wet now. I am a garage sale Queen and most of the things in the book can be gotten at garage sales. Looks like total fun, not just the party but gathering all the stuff.

  25. I’m wanting to “enter to win” the book. I love this post and your site is a favorite.

  26. Terry Applegate

    WOW – impressive and beautiful at the same time……….Would be honored to win something as beautiful as this!!!!

  27. Terry Applegate

    As an aside or really answering the posed question – a beautiful spring dinner party using some of the “ideas” sounds wonderfully appealing!!!!

  28. Ericka Cooper

    I love the ideas shown from this book. I’m getting married again this year in the garden and since we live in Wyoming, the high Prarie, the name is appropriate. I was just imagining everything last night and finding the email this morning was fortuitous.

  29. Jacqui Franclemont

    How beautiful, you have taken what is in my mind and put it together in beautiful harmony . absolutely fantastic

  30. Patricia Ann Orio

    FIFi has the ability to create a command performance out of the simplest in our lives, and opens our eyes to what’s possible around us!

  31. Karen Stamberg

    Trying to enter to win book. Love everything including the inspiration I get from your blog, Lidy.

  32. Suzanne

    Oh!!! LOL! I get it now … For me? Actually, this gorgeous, eye-candy book inspires MOI, to work into my everyday events, life. Why NOT?!?! Life’s TOO precious not to add beauty at every opportunity…SO worth the effort…at a minimum, imagine entertaining this way, when having your BELOVED friends over for dinner OR a glass of wine. Imagine how happy and loved ALL will feel…XOXOXO

  33. Donna V.

    My son and his fiancé are getting married this coming Sept. I in the mountains of NC and I would love them to have this beautiful book so they could use some of these ideas for their wedding . I would use some of these ideas to have outdoor parties, also. This book is not just for weddings its for anyone that just loves creating a beautiful party at home for friends and family.

  34. Bonjour! What I would do with this spectacular perfect book is to give it to a friend who owns a wedding farm in Indiana, she hosts the most amazing weddings on her acres! I have made her custom dress forms for her barn and her airstream…. She is even making a special cottage for her brides to prepare and it is going to be amazing! I will be coming to the book signing and hopefully meet the beautiful author myself!!! Thank you for this event and making this possible….. !

  35. Diana Lucas

    Hi Lidy, This is a gorgeous book. I am a follower of Fifi’s blog and have enjoyed her work for a long time. I even have a bench cushion made for me by her sister after seeing one like it in Fifi’s home. She put me in touch with her sister because she’s just that kind of nice person. Anyway, I have a son whom I’m hoping will get engaged soon and I would love to put some of these ideas to use in a rehearsal dinner. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  36. Who needs to travel anywhere when you enjoy the romantic eye-candy! I absolutely love the ideas and will use them in my own situation. A cup of tea and a soft cushion and that lovely book! It looks like I am in good company.
    Please keep up the great work…you two are an inspiration!

  37. Kathy Castonguay

    Inspiration for our 43-yr. wedding anniversary in August. The spirit of your and Fifi’s work(art)is so energizing and spirit-filled!

  38. Theresa Concert

    Beautiful ideas and soft blend of colors. Adaptable to many situations.

  39. Tommie Sue Brooks

    Our granddaughter is planning a spring wedding next year and this book is a wonderful inspiration.

  40. Carin Raynal

    This book would be absolutely perfect, as my daughter is getting married later this year & wants exactly this type of theme for her wedding!! Amazing & gorgeous!!

  41. Oh Thanks for the offer to win one of Fifi’s magazines
    I hope I win however if I don’t I am sure my local book store carries them
    I miss her blog very much she use to post often, I know I painted a chair after seeing one she painted material and all


  42. Karin Petty

    A beautiful book with beautiful photos that seem to magically transport you!

  43. Jan Berryhill

    Love the soft colors & relaxed atmosphere. Love the antique look & gorgeous flowers together, my style!

  44. I am so happy that you introduced us (myself, at least) to your friend Fifi. I loved what you have shown us regarding her new book. It looks marvelous! I wish that I could be in San Diego to meet both of you at the book signing. Who knows? San Diego was my home for many years.

    I would love to have an anniversary party and hold the whole thing in an airy, romantic setting like the barn scene from Fifi’s book. I really love it.

    Thank you again for your post. Really enjoyed it.

  45. Lyn Williams

    There is such beauty and creativity in the natural and simple elements we have in our every day lives. Knowing how to use them, well Fifi sure does!
    My daughter just moved from Orange County to a small town in Eastern Oregon. I have been telling her about the natural beauty, old buildings, and old farm barns around there. Fifi really showcases how unique a wedding or special event could be created. Would love-love to have her book to share ideas with my daughter and her potential brides!,

  46. Catherine Hamm

    My son is dating a lovely girl & I would love to do a warm, fun rehearsal dinner. This book is filled with so many creative ideas that would allow me to create a magical evening.

  47. Tracy Dunbar

    4 daughters. 2 down, 2 to go. This will surely give me the inspiration we need – as well as beautiful and fresh ideas!!!

  48. Elizabeth Hill

    I love your ideas a and look forward to your posts. As I have had hip replacement surgery, I cannot decorate like I used to. This book would certainly take me away!!!!!!!

  49. Tony Lanuza

    As a wedding planner in NYC, this book will help show my clients what i can do just minutes outside of the city. It is everything I need!

  50. This book is lovely! I have a daughter who wants an outdoor wedding, and I love Fifi O’Neill’s style. You are so kind to offer the opportunity to receive this book. Thank you so much!!



  52. Gail Coggins

    Planning a rehearsal dinner this year and need some unique ideas to make this a fun event!

  53. Christine Morgan

    Looks like a beautiful book—love your style! Can’t wait to see it.

  54. Katrina

    I’d say a lot of us have the “stuff” tucked away, squirreled away in our own homes that would look wonderful if we just thought outside the box like Fifi does over & over again.
    A fabulous book of inspiration judging from the photos on your blog.
    Would love to receive a copy of the book… and find out more about the magazine!

  55. Laura Wooren

    Simply breathtaking. It all has such a wonderful Magic to it. It feels like you are in another time and place where everything is magical. I would love to bury myself for many hours in this lovely book. Thank you for the chance to win it. 🙂

  56. Debbie Miller

    This would be great for my friend. She’s very clever with decorating.

  57. I love the style I see in the preview! Looks like such a great book!

  58. Susanne A.

    Gorgeous! We have a barn on our property we use for occasional weddings for local brides–this book looks like a gold mine of ideas. LOVE it!!!!!

  59. A prairie style anniversary party for my daughter would be ‘just right’ and make it so easy to include the 4 little grandchildren – everyone would be relaxed while surrounded by so much beauty … of family …. of the event …. and of life! What a comfortable, loving and stylish way to celebrate!

  60. Pam Lynch

    What can I say? Just so beautiful and relaxing. A wedding should be relaxing for the bride and groom and just enjoy the moment. Your designs are simple yet breath taking. My daughter is getting married next year and your book will be a must on wedding styles. Love it!

  61. I am sending this to one of my clients who rents out her beautiful old barn for wediings and other events. She will be thrilled!

    Love the new blog!

  62. What a stunning and inspirational book for anyone who loves to entertain – Fifi draws from the joy and natural beauty of the outdoors and gives so many lovely photos to inspire. I can think of weddings, Mother’s Day lunches, birthdays, tea parties using this book. Also, bringing back the art of using simple things, combined with bringing out the best china, silver, crystal – I heard there are many new brides who pass on these traditional gifts when registering – like letter writing, are they becoming a thing of the past? Fifi’s book brings back tradition and romance – a new generation can learn from this book. I hope I win a copy!

  63. Laurel

    The grace and elegance of this style is enchanting … I would love to live in the pages of this beautiful book that inspires romance in it’s purest form. Simply breath taking.

  64. Melinda

    First, I just want to say how much I love your website. The items you have are just beautiful.

    If I were to win this book, I would use it for a number of events. My oldest daughter just received her Associate’s degree and I would love to host a graduation party for her. My second daughter is graduating high school this year and it would be perfect to use for her a graduation party as well. My third daughter will be 16 this year and I could use so many ideas for her a Sweet Sixteen Party as well. My youngest daughter would enjoy helping host a tea for her friends and what wonderful decor we would have using this book as a guide! As for me, I host a small group from my church on Sunday evenings. Periodically, we will do a potluck dinner and I’m always looking for different decor to match the theme. The ideas from this book would help make my home lovely.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

  65. Joyce Vander Werff

    Love the preview of your book! I live in San Diego and hope to meet you at
    the book signing! My daughter and I are planning her spring wedding and love your posted
    Inspirations. I also host a white elephant bunko each year and hope to be inspired by your book!
    Love the blog!! See you soon!????

  66. These pictures are breath taking. My daughter just got engaged and not sure of what we are doing, but I would love to creat this look in city living! We are in Philadelphia.

  67. I would love the book for my sister and I to help plan a beautiful mountain wedding in Cashiers, N. C. What inspiration! The illustrations are so inviting!

  68. Phyllis

    This would make a wonderful gift to a close friend who is getting married later this summer. She wants a small, simple, yet elegant wedding, and I believe this book would offer the creative ideas to fit her plans. Thank you for this book giveaway opportunity.

  69. Candace

    Wow! I would love to win the this awesome book! We live on an alpaca ranch and I’ve had a few outdoor festive dinners but this book would teach me soooo much! And it would be soooo inspiring. Love, Love, Love all of that style and celebration of life & nature blending together!

  70. Inspiring… awesome beauty with natural and vintage… just love the look and style! I’ve enjoyed Fifi’s Romantic Prairie Style Book. The new book will be inspiring for any special occasion… would be great for an anniversary, too! Great ideas for incorporating in our life style, as well. Love the creative inspiration and natural beauty!

  71. Vickie Orlando

    Loved the beautiful Pictures…..Vintage wedding or even events are so popular now and tis book would give great inspiration. Hugs

  72. Susan S.

    A unique book that embraces abundant creativity, appreciation of beauty in the moment and captures the love we want to share at the union of a couple ready to commit their lives to each other. The author, a brilliant “artist” who obviously possesses passion for the simple and the sublime, motivates us to be as uniquely expressive, step by step. Beautiful! Would love and appreciate this lovely book!

  73. Sue DelPup

    Absolutely beautiful, and very inspiring. As one who lives to entertain, the gorgeous way that nature’s beauty and special pieces are used together gives me so many ideas to use for the special events planned for friends and family. Just love it.

  74. My son is marrying the most lovely girl May 1st. My husband just lost his job, so looking at the beautiful ideas in your book I feel inspired. I could possibly create an atmosphere using you gift and creativity at my 1920’s Farmhouse. Can’t wait to hopefully meet you at a book signing! This is a God Send THANK YOU!

  75. The ever-inspired and brilliantly creative Madame Fifi has done it yet again! We truly are so blessed to have Fifi working so hard to share her ideas& creations with us. So, thank you Lidy for this giveaway & for supporting the delightful, gentle & loving person Fifi is! My youngest sister will marry next year–wouldn’t Fifi’s book be a beautiful idea & planning guide for her!

  76. julie stout

    I would love to host a garden engagement party for our youngest son and his beautiful fiance! I think Fifi’s inspiration is simply magical! I would LOVE to win her book!

  77. julie stout

    Now I really hope to win because I just found out the rehearsal dinner will be in our garden too! And a baby shower for our other son and his wife in may! Thanks for the chance to win I could use the help!


  79. Pauline

    Oh! Congratulations to you, Liz, you are so lucky! So glad that you will use this for a wedding for your son…if I can’t win, then I’m so glad that you did.

  80. Carmen Olivas

    So looking forward to attending the book signing. Our group of 10 have decided to make a day of it…formal tea at the McConoughy (sp) House and then fun at the book signing. Can’t wait to purchase Fifi’s book and to meet her, too. See you tomorrow.

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