For the Love of Linen Napkins


Set your most beautiful holiday tables! Thanksgiving is synonymous with family bonding, tradition and of course, a delicious meal. It’s also a time to pull out your most elegant china, press your linens and polish your silver. Why not make your table more inviting by using real linen napkins?

Here are a few of my favorite new linens to use, all of them are available at FrenchGardenHouse HERE.  {a few are perfect settings for Christmas, too!}






Love your linens to be antique? We have a great collection of antique French linen napkins, too! Look Here for antique linens.


5 thoughts on “For the Love of Linen Napkins”

  1. Beautiful. I always like everything you show, and want to buy all of these. Such pretty napkins, each one of them.

  2. Great choices for a holiday table. I love my Bon Appetit napkins I got from you at FrenchGardenHouse. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Sherrie Anne

    The napkins are beautiful! I just bought some antique French napkins from you and am looking forward to getting those for the holidays. Thank you for always making my day beautiful!

    1. I hope you will use them for many memorable holiday tables, Sherrie Anne!

  4. Andrea

    I just love linens…old or new. I often use toile napkins as bedside table “scarves”.

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