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Treat visitors to a warm fall greeting by dressing up your door for the season. I love fall, and I can’t wait to bring out the pumpkins and decorate our front door in the colors, shapes and textures of autumn. I adore the front entry doors above, {courtesy of Southern Living} but some years I’m just too busy to go “all out” like this. Or, it’s still blistering hot by our front door, and pumpkins don’t last very long.  I always enjoy coming up with something different each year, and my neighbors look forward to seeing each “new” creation for fall.



Here are a few super easy ways to say “Welcome to Our Home” to inspire you.  These are perfect for you if you don’t have the time to go “all out” this year either, and just want a small easy touch of fall at your door.  {It is still so hot here that I opted to hang these on our antique doors in the living room…please imagine them on your front door!}

 Bountiful Basket






Nothing says “Welcome” like a happy basket spilling over with the glorious colors of fall. For this first look, I hung one of our reproduction French Gathering Baskets on the door. I have a nail in this door, but you could also use a ribbon to hang it from one of the wreath hangers available everywhere, or from you door knocker.  {husbands are not fans of hammering nails into the front door each time} These brown baskets make fabulous year-round decorating tools, they are long, lightweight and thin. Inexpensive, they feature a handle at the top that makes them easy to hang from a door, or even your door handle. They are a good size, so that your arrangement will make a statement even when viewed from the street. You can add a large arrangement of faux branches, pumpkins and all sorts of things, for this look I kept it very simple by adding branches in green, and wrapping a leaf garland around the top of the basket. Put a weight in the bottom if your front door is exposed to wind to keep it from banging on your door.



 Chalk It Up



Door Display 1



I’m all for using things you already have, or adding decorative pieces to your decorating repertoire that are multi purpose like our French Style Paddle Style Chalk Board.  For this easy look, I gathered some fall branches, the fall garland, and some pepper berry sprays, and tied them with a burlap bow. I strung a piece of my trusty florist wire through the paddle, and twisted that around the branches, and covered that up with the ribbon bow. Your chalkboard could spell out anything, Welcome Fall, Happy Fall, or just draw a pumpkin like I did here.  Et Voila!  A quick, easy door idea that welcomes your friends and family to your home.


 French Country Welcome







I’m always up for having a little fun with antiques! Here I’ve hung an antique French Bottle Carrier vertically on the door.  I wedged a few faux pumpkins and gourds in the compartments, and twisted a leaf and mini pumpkin garland on the top. This would be a fun look for your back door, or the door to your pantry.  I realize that these are not over the top elegant looks for your chateau, but easy, quick ideas. Often easy and quick can be quite fetching!






If you are looking for a gorgeous, elegant wreath instead, we do make a few exceptional custom designer wreaths in our FrenchGardenHouse studio each season. This is my current favorite, filled with fruit, berries, flowers, twigs and the glorious colors of fall. Lush greens and festive color bring extra joy to your outdoor decorations, on your sheltered front door, this will welcome the season with grand style!  Be sure to take a few minutes to dress your door for the season, your friends and neighbors will be delighted you did.

9 thoughts on “Autumn at Your Door”

  1. Lovely! Some years I go all out, but this year it’s still so hot here that the pumpkins have to wait. I am going to use my antique bottle carrier from FrenchGardenHouse on my front door, I love that idea. Thanks!

    1. Sandy, that will look beautiful! Just be sure to wire it on with thin florist wire. Happy decorating!

  2. Wish I had your talent for decorating. For now all I can do is copy you..Please keep it going. Thanks!

  3. Jackson

    Thank you, just what I needed here in NC! Too busy with work to do a big display, but can do mums, pumpkins and that gathered display with ribbon you showed. Perfect for our weekend birthday party coming up with lots of out of town guests who do expect some kind of autumn welcome, despite the fact that we only live here in the weekends. J.

    1. You are welcome, Jackson. I’m sure your guests will be so in love with your “weekend get away home”, every time you send me photos, I am! Happy Autumn, and hope your party is wonderful.

  4. Nancy El

    Thank you, so much for the ideas for fall displays for front doors.. Being Jewish, i’m reluctant to use wreaths but i love to decorate the entry way. your ideas are so charming and natural. thank you again you inspire me..

    1. Thank you Nancy. I hope you will enjoy creating some autumn splendor at home with the Gathering Basket and the pair of French Country Urns!

  5. Love these ideas. Always looking for something festive but super simple. Here in Texas, it’s still so hot at this time of year that real pumpkins practically cook. But a basket like this? Perfect for me. Ordered 4. Merci!

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