Bie Baert: Belgium’s Finest Antiques & Secret Source

I’ve received so many emails asking for more “secret sources”for antique dealers in Europe, that I decided to do a few more posts about some wonderful dealers.

Today I’d love to introduce you to one of my favorite antique dealers, Bie Baert.


Visiting Bie is a pure joy.  Not only does Bie have the most exquisite antiques you will ever see, Bie herself is warm, charming, and has extensive knowledge of what she sells. She can explain the difference between boxwood, lignum vitae and bone versus ivory, all the while extolling the artistic merits of the artisan who carved the piece. She will lovingly explain how she chose an item. Why the particular object is superior to the five others she passed on purchasing. She will explain how her pieces are lovingly restored in her own workshop. How everything that comes from her shop is in perfect condition and ready to display in another local.

Here are some of my very favorite pieces that Bie has to offer:


One of the most beautiful antique stitcheries I have ever seen, this 18th century French embroidery, with the finest work imaginable.


Bie specializes in stunning wood antique objects, such as these antique “lay figures”.


Antique Swedish twisted carafs, and English {rare} papier mache and mica Tea Caddy.


19th century French hand carved mirror, the wood Roses are divine.  Old Mercury glass mirror.


Life sized plaster figure.  This painting hangs in Bie’s bathroom and is one of the most beautiful paintings of the female form.


Isn’t she gorgeous? An early 19th century French Pastel.


Fantastic Mirror, beautifully faded mirror glass, distressed gilt hand carved wood frame, English.


Bie asked me to guess what this is, and I hate to admit, but I guessed totally wrong! What do you think it is?


How fun is this piece? It’s a quirky antique lavatory from Lowther Castle, Cumbria/England, mid 19th century.


French 19th Century painted Toleware Tray and Waste Bucket…love the patina on these two pieces!


19th century French leather Child’s Corset, from Grenoble, France.


Weather worn Three Graces…with age and moss, so beautiful.


Beautiful French star inlay table, from 1850.


Visiting Bie was like finding a wonderful kindred spirit for me.  She has a wonderful “eye” and seeks out only the most unusual, best of the best pieces.  “I want people to feel comfortable when they come visit my house” Bie says, “it has to be a bit like coming come, where you can sit in easy chairs in front of the log fire, surrounded by unusual wooden objects and quirky furniture. Where the coffee and tea are always ready and where the atmosphere is warm.”

To make an appointment contact Bie at:

BIE BAERT Antiques & Decorations

Laaglandlaan 14
2960 Sint Job in ‘t Goor
Mob: +32 477 50 31 33

11 thoughts on “Bie Baert: Belgium’s Finest Antiques & Secret Source”

  1. Another great tip for antique buying when I go on my trip to Europe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not many antique dealers share about other dealers, that you do so, Lidy, is a testament to your kind heart, and your love for antiques, as well as confidence in your business.

    1. So glad you enjoy reading about the things I love, fellow antique dealers and their stunning finds. Bie is a treasure.

  2. So many beautiful things that we just don’t see here in the US. Thank you for sharing, I always enjoy reading your blog, it’s the first one I check in the morning.
    Bella M.

    1. Thanks so much for the visit, Bella, and for always reading our blog! xo

  3. Marc Luc

    Such beautiful old pieces. When Paul and I go to Europe, we will stop by Belgium, not just France to look for special pieces. We are looking forward to seeing what your container shipment will bring at FrenchGardenHouse, we have a few spots open in our silver cabinet and on our wall.

  4. Joanna

    Oh, this is so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, you are so generous. I love Belgian antiques. That first picture is what I wish my own home would look like.

  5. Deborah

    All those pieces are so lovely, no wonder Bie is a favorite of yours, Lidy. She has a wonderful “eye” just like you do, you must have had such a wonderful time with her. Always my joy to read your blog, I sometimes don’t even wait until it comes in my “in box” and just check on your site for new entries. Loving antiques, especially the ones I bought from you. My tea caddy is still the one I love most, but the silver French cutlery comes in a close second. Deborah

    1. I love your tea caddy too, Deborah! Thanks for the sweet comment, xo Lidy

  6. Lidy,

    What beautiful treasures you have uncovered on your journey. The French embroidery piece is exquisite and so detailed! Thank you for sharing your findings.


  7. Lidy, thank you for the tour! Although I don’t know that I’ll ever get to visit Europe, I am so glad that wonderful, sharing people like you allow us to see these beautiful places through your eyes.

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