Time to Take Your Dinner Outside

Spring. Friends. Family Dinners outside in the garden. Is there any better way to end the day or celebrate the weekend?

I love nothing better than to treat my guests to a simple, delicious meal outside. Is it any wonder that I love these Linen table cloths, runners and napkins? Stylish, casual and romantically tasteful, the tablecloths, runners & napkins make setting a simple elegant table so easy. These sumptuous table linens have a shabby French unfinished edge for added texture, available in White or Bark. Perfect for the French & Belgian country style we all love.

Tie each napkin with a little twine, insert a cutting of rosemary, simple touches like these are a great way to let everyone know :“I’m so glad you are here!”

Perfect for a crowd, or just the two of you.  These linens have a great unfinished edge, best part, they are 100% machine washable and only get better with washing, they get softer and softer.  I don’t iron mine, I love that slightly rumpled look, just be sure to take them out of the dryer when it beeps.  See the Linens here.

What to serve?  I am loving this delicious Pizza by Christine Ha, winner of Master Chef.  I love her, I love this pizza, and so will you!  {Sorry Christine, I cheat and use a premade pizza dough to save time}

Christine’s Arugula Mozzarella Pizza.  Serve with a great big salad, a few wines or sparkling water, and a light dessert. Dinner in the garden = DONE!

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5 thoughts on “Time to Take Your Dinner Outside”

  1. Ellen S

    Love this post. It’s a little early for that where I live, but I can’t wait. Ordered some of your new red checked dishes and a linen tablecloth ahead, in anticipation. Thanks for the recipe too, it was delightful to find Christine’s blog thru you. Ellen

    1. Ellen, thanks for the visit, so happy the red checks are in, they are so cheerful. xo

  2. Nanci K

    Love this recipe, it sounds delicious. Thank you for the great packaging of my new Limoges pitcher, no one makes a package as special for customers as you guys do. It’s always like a birthday!

    1. Nanci.

      Thank you so much, I will pass that along to shipping, our shipping guy tries hard to make it a lovely experience. 🙂

  3. Lucky you! It’s still a little chilly and rainy around here but I can’t wait to sit outside.
    Beautiful place settings, everything looks so inviting!!!

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