Garden Tea Party for Mother’s Day

There is something magical about tea ~ hot, cold, it’s refreshing and relaxing.

Reading Tea Leaves – 1910- by Harry Herman Roseland

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect reason to have tea in the garden. Gather up the Moms you know, girlfriends too, and make something magic happen.

Set your table with vintage china, delicate sandwiches, and sweet treats, and the party is on. Dappled sunlight makes your table glimmer, laughter rings thru the roses and friendships are strengthened, bonds renewed.

Set the scene with a pretty, feminine tablecloth, and fragrant blooms picked from the garden, or market, in a large antique pitcher.

Mix your tea cups, so that each Mom, daugher, and friend gets a different one. A great conversation starter! {see our teacups here and here.}

Present mismatched antique teaspoons in an antique sugar bowl.

Serve guests a variety of teas, some they love, and some they’ve never tried. {The teas at GreenWillowLiving are wonderful.}  I sometimes use real and silk flowers together to make a lush bouquet.  Use your antique silver dishes to serve cake, tiny little finger sandwiches, and fruit to sweeten the pot. No dishes needed, really.  Enjoy a leisurely time of tea and conversation.

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6 thoughts on “Garden Tea Party for Mother’s Day”

  1. Sandy K.

    so so pretty! I love the mis matched china most of all . A great idea to have, I think we will have a tea party with my sisters and their children.

    1. You will have so much fun together, Sandy! BTW…your silver spoons will arrive this coming week.

  2. John Paul

    We always treat our mothers to a tea in our farm garden on Mother’s Day. (dinner too if weather permits.) We use our antique cups we bought from you, and the silver spoons. This year I am looking forward to receiving the Limoges teacups we bought as gifts for them. Thank you for such beautiful items and for such wonderful customer service always. JP

    1. What a perfect way to celebrate! It must be something everyone looks forward to at your farm, tea in your gorgeous garden surrounded by the meadows and cattle.

  3. Sandra

    Hi, just found your site thru French Country Style magazine. Ordered a bed. Oh I can’t wait to get it, it’s so beautiful. Great selection, thank you so very much, I just can’t get anything like your antiques around our town. I will be ordering some small things like porcelain and Limoges next time. hugs, Sandra B.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for leaving a comment…it’s so nice to meet you here. Thanks so much for the order, you will love the bed, and the Limoges you purchased this weekend!

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