Easy Bunny Treat

Easter is almost here, today I am sharing an easy, fun Easter treat. Although the weather isn’t exactly showing us “Spring” around here, I know the little ones will still expect lots of fun treats at our annual Easter Egg Hunt!

These treats are so cute, and so easy. Using different colors of Peeps Bunnies, you arrange them on wooden skewers, then wrap in either cellophane or a cello bag, tie a ribbon on the bottom, and treat=done! Love these, they are so colorful. {Please be a little cautious when children eat them, you can cut off the spikey part of the skewers, but use adult supervision when eating.}

You can see our Easter Tablescape from last year
, this year I am a little behind in the planning for our annual Easter Lunch. Hoping it won’t rain on our egg hunt, but we can always do it inside, if we have to. Going to figure out what we will be serving then, I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! xo

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3 thoughts on “Easy Bunny Treat”

  1. How lovely that you had such wonderful sweet memories of your strong Mother. As a single mother of four – who are all adults with children of their own – I hope to pass with such grace as your Mother’s. I have been without my mother for many years and look to others for closeness missed. Thank you for going beyond the professional and risking the personal. It is appreciated. God’s Blessings for you and your family this Easter Day.

  2. John Paul

    So cute! Since we only have dogs coming over on Easter, not for this year, but I put this in my file for next year when my sister’s kids will be there. Happy Easter!

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