Weekly Favorites: Antique French Enamelware Body Pitchers

French Enamelware comes in many shapes, colors and sizes.

Pitchers like this were used for bathing before indoor plumbing was invented. A bowl and pitcher, like these, were a mainstay in each bedroom in a fine to middle class home, often on a special “wash stand” with a mirror.

In more modest households, there was usually only one set in the kitchen or wash room. Useful as well as beautiful, it’s most often the pitchers that collectors seek out. These make wonderful display pieces, watering cans for your plants, or the perfect vase to display a abundance of Roses! 1. Flow Blue 2.French Country Blue 3. White 4. Aqua Blue rose

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites: Antique French Enamelware Body Pitchers”

  1. Excellent information regrading French Enamelware and good to know that it comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. I have been looking for this kind of information and I’m so excited to have found your blog, it is very interesting. Thank You for the wonderful blog.

  2. Amelie

    So pretty! I ordered a white one from you, can’t wait to get it. Put you in my favorites. Amelie

  3. Robert Johns

    Do you have any other enamelware in this shipment? Still looking to add to our collection. Please email me when you have more photos, best, R.B.J.

  4. brenda hutchins

    What kind of selection do you have in French enameled pitchers?

  5. I would like to purchase a large while antique french enamelware pitcher. Do you offer this? Please let me know Thank you.

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