Blessings of the Ordinary

I love Christmas. I love decorating.  There have been years where I spent lots of time, leasurely, enjoyable time, decorating our home from top to bottom.  This is most likely not going to be one of those years.

Right now, my Mom, who has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, has taken a turn for the worse, {requiring two days in the hospital on Thanksgiving} and needs lots of care.  And Mr. FgH and I will need to be making some tough decisions about that care.  So, this year, I will do quite a lot less decorating, and leasurely probably won’t happen as much, if at all.

Over the last few days, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary.

Things that are beautiful all by themselves, without the need of tinsel, ribbons or other embellishment.

Things that I had gotten used to, and didn’t really “see” in all their glory any more. Things that we have been blessed with as a family.

Things that bring beauty and warmth to our lives.  Our family. Our friends, whose love and support have meant more than they can imagine over the course of the last few days and weeks.

The same is true of decorating to celebrate Christmas.  The glow of our chandelier prisms, how beautiful they are when the light hits them “just so” and they sparkle and shine.  My little cement angel, who sits on a corbel next to our mantel in the living room, he looks so happy and beautiful just with a sprig of Juniper greens tucked behind him.

This is a shot from years ago of my kitchen, and my trusty Kitchen Aid, simply “decorated” with a clean, new Holiday Towel.  Looks festive, so easy to add to the bowl, and brings a little pop of color for the holidays.

Sometimes it’s the little simple things that make rooms festive, in my kitchen it’s usually antique red towels, some holiday Teas and a few sprigs of greens.  Cookies in an antique French glass jar. Maybe some twinkling lights above the cabinets.  This year, I am so thankful for the small joys, and simple decorative touches that spell out C h r i s t m a s.

It’s not necessary to have over the top decorations that take days and days to do to make your heart, and your home, a happy, loving warm place to be.  There is something about that “It’s a joy to be simple”  that I am embracing fully this year.  This is the season to celebrate, to gather those that you love, not the season to be stressed out.  I am going to spend purposeful time enjoying our home, the peace of a half hour by the fire, sipping tea, sharing time with my friends, laughing, and being with our family.

I am fully embracing the beauty of this season, and I do intend to decorate our home.  But it will be on a simpler, smaller scale, I will still relish in the preparations of getting our home ready to celebrate Christmas in all its beauty.

I wish you all joy as you decorate your homes for the holidays!  And a blessed Advent for those who celebrate that.

XO   Lidy

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3 thoughts on “Blessings of the Ordinary”

  1. I am so sorry! In my effort to clear my blog of over 2500 {yep! you read that right!} spam comments a day, I’ve accidentally erased each and every one of your kind comments until the June 2012 posts. I am sorry….I truly appreciate all of you taking the time not only to read this blog, but to leave me sweet, thoughtful comments.

    Problem FIXED. I bought an online spam blocker for the blog, so that now only your nice comments come through. Thank you again for reading my ramblings, leaving comments and sending me emails etc. Please know that I truly cherish each and every one of them. xo Lidy

  2. Joycelyn

    Good Morning, I found your blog through a picture on Pinterest. I’ve enjoyed looking through your white decorating pictures and feel a renewed inspiration. I started the white and grey look in my house this summer and I love it! You are right, it’s so calming and simple, but lovely. I started with grey in the kitchen, white in the den, dining room and entry. It’s amazing how the brightness in the white and grey feel even more cozy than the warm red, olive and gold paint colors that were there. I’m loving it! Of course it may take until next summer for me to paint the entire house since I’m the only painter in the house and do one room at a time with months in between, but it will get there. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Thanks for the visit, Jocelyn! I bet your home is beautiful filled with all that white and grey, so peaceful. xo

  3. Spend time with your Mom, and though there maybe frustrating moments, and there will be, the time you spend with her you will not regret. My mother just passed away in October, and after a year of doctor’s appts, hospital stays, rehabs, I do not regret one of those times, even though she would be miserable, I would still like to be sitting with her. Sending lots of Hugs and good thoughts your way this Christmas!

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