Jenny Doh…Vignettes Book Signing

I love Books. I love art. I love antiques. Put all three together, and you have the incredible book signing that Jenny Doh did at the Vignettes Event last weekend.

AND…just look at the beyond fantastic tent that was created just for this event! Artist Karen Lampard’s decorations and paper art are beyond fabulous.  I love the mantel, the paper tea set, the words of wisdom, everything. How beautiful is her work, the paper flowers, the BOOK that was just so amazing.  Such a talented girl!

I shot this photo of Jenny with sweet friend Sherry of Glamerella Junk fame. Jenny has about 10 new books coming out soon, so check her blog or site. I bought a craft book for my grandgirls, they are a little young for crafting some of the projects in Jenny’s book, but can hold their own with glitter and glue. (markers, paint, you name it, they love it. All over the place)

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