Welcome Fall Candle Centerpiece

Are you as thrilled that it’s almost Fall as I am?  I can’t wait to add some cozy throws at home, light the candles, and take my sweaters out of storage. I LOVE Fall!


I made some simple Fall Candle Centerpieces yesterday. So easy!  I decided to make two, and use them on my mantel in the living room instead of on my dining table as I originally planned.  They look like autumn in a jar!  Start with two glass containers…these are actually vases left over from a party long ago.  Yours could be a completely different shape, it doesn’t matter.  Then:  layer in some moss, from the craft store or nursery.  I placed an upside down ramekin in the center, to elevate my candles.  You can use anything that will support a candle, a baby food jar, little cup, box, whatever. You won’t see it since you are covering it up with the moss.

I bought two small grapevine wreaths at the craft store.  If your glass containers narrow at the top like mine do, there’s a trick to getting them into the wider bottom:  cut straight through one part of the wreath, so that you can overlap the parts a little {squeeze together} until they are in the wider bottom.  If your glass has straight sides, you can skip that step and just layer the little wreaths on top of the moss.

Next, place a candle on top of your elevation.  I used our remote control Wax Pillars, that way I can put them on the timer to start at dusk, and stop a few hours later.  {These candles are my latest favorite thing ~ a life saver!  So ingenious, and so much safer, especially since I tend to forget about the candles once in a while}  Then, sprinkle some fall elements in the bottom.  I used some things from Autumn Potpourri, but you could use anything.  Leaves from outside, pretty pebbles you collect with your kids, pine cones, feathers, whatever you love.

Repeat with the other Candle.

I love how they look.  And the only thing I bought was the grapevine wreaths this year.  I’m sure you have some glass containers to turn into these , even canning jars would be so great.  Hope you love them, and enjoy them during Fall.

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