Summer Day Herbal Infused Water


It’s a hot summer day here. The kind of day for lots of Herbal Infused Water. So refreshing, so easy to make.

Simply choose a pretty glass bottle {or a pitcher will work, too} and insert a few snips of herbs, and lavender. Fill the bottle with clean, water. {sometimes I use sparkling water, but you really don’t need to} If you really want to taste the herbs, you can crush them a little between your fingers to bring out more flavor. I used two varieties of mint for this bottle, and a snip of lavender. Then refrigerate for a few hours. Delicous!

In the past I’ve used these recipes with herbs from our garden, mixed with fruit slices or even vegetables:

Mint & Lavender

Lemon Slices & Thyme

Parsley, Lime slices, Peppermint & Basil leaves {crush herbs for more intense flavor}

Cucumber Slices, Mint Sprigs {lightly crushed}, Rosemary Sprigs {lightly crushed} and thin Lemon Slices.

Applemint & 1/8 teaspoon Vanilla, add a little honey or sweetner of choice.

Strawberries & Raspberries

Delicous! Perfect on hot summer days, and every other day to make a glass of water taste like heaven. I know you will enjoy any of these waters, and have fun making up your own combinations. Yummy and so good for you, too!

Tomorrow I’ll share the lunch salad Mr. FgH made to go with my herbal infused water. {“honey, you make lunch and I’ll be happy to make the drinks!”}

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5 thoughts on “Summer Day Herbal Infused Water”

  1. Jennifer

    Where can i purchase those glass bottles? I travelled to france this summer and most of the restaurants served water in colored bottles similar to this. I live in the US and was wondering where i could purchase these…any ideas? Thanks!

    Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for the visit. I am so sorry that doesn’t have any more of them available, we have completely sold out of the glass bottles for now. Not really sure where to find them, perhaps at a flea market?

  2. You can buy the reproduction bottles at some of the grocery stores (Christmas Tree Shop usually has them in stock) they are filled with sparkling lemonade, when empty…ohlala!

  3. Linda Parra

    The bottle resembles the Martinelli Sparkling Cider bottle.

  4. Jayne Merrimacs

    I was lucky enough to buy some of FrenchGardenHouse’s antique French bottles. There are reproductions available, but I LOVE the antique ones I got!

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