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I love my little creative space! Do you have somewhere special where you can dream, and make things? Although it’s just really small, I enjoy being in my little home office/studio, surrounded by all the things I love.

I have my antique and vintage rolls of wallpaper stored in this old French (huge!} trash can, so that I can see their happy colors and textures to inpsire.  Some of my very favorite vintage Scalamandre Velvet & Silk fabric, too, that I am saving for a few very special projects.


On the small windowsill of the bay window, a little group of antique French Boudoir Dolls waiting to be photographed for the website.  Sometimes the windowsill is empty, sometimes it’s filled with a few of my very favorite antique “finds” for a short time.

You have to love this girl’s fancy Pink shoes!  Not sure how she feels being perched on top of all the vintage hatboxes so high, but she does have a great view of the little school across the street and all the children who come and go, laugh and play, and carry their backpacks home each afternoon filled with books and homework. {she’ll hear them too, when they let out their traditional “whoop” at the end of the school year soon.

Across the room, two friends are perched on the restaurant racks filled with storage boxes.  Not the most glamorous setting, but badly needed for storage, so they make the best of it together.

Here is a larger view of the racks behind my desk.  I can hide my printers, scanners etc., the boxes, and even the girls if I want to, behind the white Linen curtains.

A row of six filing cabinets are needed to store all the auction catalogs, new product catalogs, swatches and everything else that needs space in my office. That doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated a little on the top, though, does it?  Here is where I keep my little wooden shop drawer~cabinet I bought  from a Parisian Millinery Shop, filled with vintage millinery flowers and ribbons.

Everything changes all the time in my office. Right now, I have a beautiful antique French Jewelry Box filled with antique and vintage “paste” necklaces and bracelets.  Total eye candy!

On the wall on one side of the racks, my vintage coat rack holds a few of the things I love, an antique French alencon lace flapper wedding dress, a sweet little girl’s dress, and a few paper cones I made long ago that I used to sell.  Underneath, a basket filled with vintage fabrics waiting for me to finish designing a new line of pillows for FrenchGardenHouse.


Finally, this is the view from the other side of the desk, a shelving unit badly in need of better organization and design.  I’m a little messy, I just pretend when I’m messy with pretty things it doesn’t matter as much. {but it does, I know!} 

I’d love to hear about your own studio or office ~ What do you like to look at and surround yourself with in your creative spaces?   Are you a little messy like me, or totally neat and clean?

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13 thoughts on “My Office Studio”

    1. Thank you Marion! At times I think a clean, sparse and modern office would be nice, but that’s not really my style.

  1. nancyel

    Have u seen Traditional Home Best of Britain issue?
    The tea tables are to die for. Quite a lot of things like yours. I will send pic of my office space.

    1. Yes, I have, I love England, and that’s a great issue, isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing your space.

  2. Darleen

    Love your little space. So inspiring to see all your pretty things, but then you have a lot to chose from. No fair! Thank you for sharing your office, I would love to work there each day, especially since you are across from a little school. Do you see the children on their way to and from school from your desk, Lidy? you are so lucky.

    1. I do see the kids, Darleen. They are in middle school, so not tiny, but still fun to hear their excited voices and hear their laughter. I love it when it’s the last day of school and they all leave with a huge “yay!!” and love it when they return in September with their new clothes and backpacks.

  3. Sally Ann

    Such beautiful surroundings. I really like your desk display, are those victorian umbrellas or parasols I see? You have encouraged me to re arrange my own little office space and put a vase of flowers on my desk, and clean up a little, too. I’d rather see something nice like you do than my usual piles of papers. You always inspire me to make our home a little bit nicer and better to live in. Sally Ann

  4. Sally Ann, good eye! Yes those are Victorian Parasols, one is pink and one is a mourning parasol. The handles are so beautifully carved. It’s always nice to surround yourself with something pretty at your desk, and flowers always make me happy! xo Lidy

  5. Hi sweet Lidy!!! I just LOVE your creative space!!! And I love those beautiful old dolls…what treasures they are ~ Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos ~ you should join us in Karen’s Where Blogger’s Create party. I hope you are doing so good…me? I’m just plugging away over here sharing my life and trying to sell my wares, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  6. My creative space is in my garage, it’s where I paint and glue and glitter. I have a bulletin board with inspirational pictures to look at while I work. Some of your photos that I’ve printed out are on it, and your magazine article from Romantic Homes magazine too. It’s inpsiring to me, and I just love you, Lidy. I hope one day I can meet you somewhere. thanks for all that you always do, and for being such a nice person, too.

  7. Donna, I work in my garage sometimes too, it’s where I use the glue gun, or just put together something for a craft. It’s great to have a space to use somewhere, no matter where it is, isn’t it? I hope to meet you one day, too!

  8. Hello Lidy!

    For so long I had wanted to stop by and say hi! Every time I see you in the RH magazine… I think Oh ja! I got to stop there.
    Especially since I found you are Dutch (just as I am… 😉

    Love this recent post. I am very (neat) chaotic at times neat when I am done with a project. When I am working (like now I am getting ready for a show at the Lavender Fields Farm) I just have lace, rings, necklaces and fabric all over the place.
    I love that… somehow it makes me work better… I know weird.
    Then when the show is over I come home and start organizing and getting everything in ship shape! Just to start all over in making an organized mess while getting ready for the next show! (Vintage Marketplace – in September).

    Was so nice to show your workspace… At the moment I would not want to show off mine 😉

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Lieve Groeten


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