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I have a total LOVE AFFAIR with dishes. I admit it. That’s why I can barely contain my excitement over two gorgeous new lines of dishware that absolutely rendered me speechless. They made their debut at market in Atlanta. I’m so excited, I can’t really wait for you to be able to see each and every piece. This colorful, beautiful line is designed by a gifted Dutch designer whose childhood nickname is Pip.

I saw these glorious dishes in Europe, fell in love with them, but couldn’t get them for you here in the states. So imagine my total delight when they made their debut here! I love the bright colors, the mix and match designs, the way they can fit into modern as well as vintage homes. {Okay, I love everything about them!!} I think you will love them too, for yourself, and as wonderful gifts for someone you love.

Believe me, when the delivery truck stops by FrenchGardenHouse with the first deliveries in the beginning of June….I will be right there to unpack each and every glorious box. {And wishing I had some kind of gigantic dish closet so I could keep a lot of these pieces myself}

There is something about their colors and designs that just make you happy. Romantic, vintage with a modern tweak, all around perfect for your table and mine.

If that wasn’t enough to totally make me flip, another designer from Holland, Marieke, created a classic, country meets city line with bright classic Red, White and Blue pieces to mix and match. Every day versatility, but beautiful enough for special occasions and holidays. In checks….I totally love gingham and checks, so I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this line of dishware. Slated to come to FrenchGardenHouse in late August, early September, you better believe I will be stalking the delivery guy so I can be right there once again to open box after box of these gorgeous beauties.

I ordered both the classic Red, White and Blue, and also plenty of the more “gentrified” Taupe and Blue colored pieces which you can just get a peek at below. Cafe au lait bowls, plates, bowls, pots….everything and anything to delight you and your guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert time. {Cake Pedestals ~ Dishtowels ~ Aprons and more} I am delighted to be able to let you know that FrenchGardenHouse will be among the very first shops to carry these two brand new exciting lines.

It’s been a while since we had some true excitement in the tabletop world, but both these lines deliver beauty, versatility and modern, fresh design! Be sure to check back in mid to late June for the first arrivals.

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

6 thoughts on “Dishy News for Tabletops”

  1. Lidy, You have inspired me to start keeping the pretty dishes that I find that catch my eye (instead of re-sale)! Many-a-plates have crossed my hands and I have found, that when they are purchased, my grip seems to be a little tight. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Oh, oh….I think you and I might need a 12 step program later for dishaholics! It’s true that some of the beautiful dishes you “find” you most likely won’t discover again. I love the antique and vintage dishes. But…that’s also what I love about these two new lines of tableware, they are openstock! and they go so beautifully with antique and vintage pieces, too. Happy collecting, Amber.

  2. These are GORGEOUS! I am so glad to meet another chinaaholic. There is another line from Denmark I believe called “GreenGate” that I am lusting for 🙂 too!

    1. Wendi, I love those, too! So many beautiful dishes, and so many beautiful tables to set.

  3. I usually prefer something plain, or with a quiet simple pastel pattern, but there is something in that riot of colors and lovely blend of patterns that seems to stir the soul. They seem to be jumping up and down and shouting” Look at me, look at me! We are so pretty, too! Take a chance. Let us make you happy too! We can make you smile!” They are so playful and adorable. (Something akin to Bentley!)

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