The Very Best Gift

Gifts, they are always a treat to receive, and simple, heart felt gifts are best.  I love gifts from the garden.  This weekend I was fortunate enough to receive this beautiful gift from my friend. A box filled with love, from her home to ours. A few French Strawberry Plants, some of her gorgeous Aqua Blue Araucana Eggs, and two sweet smelling roses “just bloomed” from her garden.  Do you have a generous friend like this? If so, you are blessed. Thank you, sweet friend. Every gift you give is a treat, but this one, divine!

7 thoughts on “The Very Best Gift”

    1. I agree! The plants, the roses and the eggs are so beautiful, a box filled with the hope of Spring!

  1. French Basketeer

    They sell these in San Diego for $6 a plant, so I would say this is a very generous gift! I am sure they will find the right place in your garden, Lidy!

    1. wow, then I’m doubly blessed. They have been planted, Andrea, now only hoping our new puppy won’t discover them as a “snack”! xo

  2. Those eggs are amazing! What a well thought out gift. It’s so personal and lovely, and makes you just giddy for spring. She sounds like an amazing friend.

  3. What a beautiful and thoughtful present! You just KNOW that so much love and care has been put into a gift such as this – friends like these are priceless – lucky you!

  4. Anita Rivera

    OH LIDY!!! LOVE THOSE AQUA EGGS! It is so nice to see you today! And yes, let us PRAISE GOD for His eternal gift of LIFE because JESUS LIVES!!!

    Your blog looks wonderful!! Anita

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