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I love reading. I love romantic books ~ particularly those by Jane Austen. When time allows, I love visiting blogs {which, of course, is also reading}. I am delighted to have discovered Be Book Bound ~  All Things Inspired by Books, written by sisters Erika and Miriam.  This month their blog features all things inspired by Jane Austen, each day has brought a new delight. From book soirees to printables to interiors and delicious mocktail and appetizer recipes, Erika and Miriam have inspired to lead us to living as beautiful a life as Emma Woodhouse did.  Be sure to visit!  You will be as enchanted as I am, I’m sure of it.

In their own words:” In honor of the beloved author, from now until the end of February we will be incorporating at least one Austenesque thing into our day.  It might be placing fresh flowers on the table, calling on a friend, toasting crumpets, taking a walk, or slipping words like “melancholy” or “benevolence” into our daily conversation.

Whatever it is we choose to do, we will be telling you about it here.  By the end of 30 days, we are hoping that our lives and yours will be a little bit gentler, a little bit softer, and a little bit happier than they were before.  What better way to honor our dear Miss Austen than to use our womanly wiles for good?”

Erika and Miriam graciously allowed me to share one of their ideas here with you:

Place Cards for Pemberley:

How lovely these look, worthy of a luncheon at Pemberly. Start by printing  the names of those in attendance on your computer in a beautiful font, then trace the name onto a paper doily with a marker.

Place the doily on a contrasting plate, then cover with a slightly smaller clear glass plate.  {you can buy clear glass plates quite inexpensively}

Such a lovely placesetting, especially with a little lace. Tie your napkin with a black ribbon, add flowers, and you are ready to entertain!  Love this idea.  It’s one of those simple to do, with great results .  Thanks so much for allowing me to share your brilliant idea, Erika and Miriam!  To read about their 30 day Austen Experiment, start HERE.

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    1. So pretty, isn’t it Joyce, and so very easy! Hope you use Miriam and Erika’s idea soon for a special luncheon or dinner at home.

  1. This is so beautiful. I love it just lovely, lovely, lovely. Everything is so pretty. I want to join your blog!

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