We Love PINK!

We love the color PINK
. Soft, feminine, pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love.  Romantics adore the color pink, in all variations.  We love it, do you?

Perfect any time of year, but especially Spring, we’re showing off some of our glorious Pinks….

You can find our Pinks in almost every catagory at FrenchGardenHouse.

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5 thoughts on “We Love PINK!”

  1. Ruth Dickinson

    I DO LOVE PINK !!! My house is all pink and white. Except the kitchen and that is red,white and black 🙂

  2. chris glynn

    lidy-I love the new blog & also love the color pink!! 🙂 chris

    1. Chris, thanks so much! If ever there was a pink lover, I know it’s YOU! xo

  3. I love pink and sneak it in wherever I can; pink in my little sitting room, pink in my studio & office, certainly pink in my garden!

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