Romancing your Closet

At the start of each new year, I try to clean up and refresh my clothing closet. Organize. Donate great clothes that I don’t wear anymore. Re~arrange, buy a few new clear containers for scarves, or shoes. And then…comes the fun!

I am blessed with a very small walk~in closet, so I squeezed in a tiny little vanity stool to sit while putting on shoes. Some years, I reupholster that with a small length of pretty fabric, just a few staples from my staple gun and it’s refreshed for a whole new year.  I love the way Lavender smells, so I add fresh sachets to my drawers.  I hang a pretty vintage Nightgown, or a cozy antique sweater on a beautiful hanger, just for looks, so that I can see it when I enter my closet.  I have been known to wallpaper the back wall with different vintage wallpaper for a fresh start.  Or perhaps hang a different antique mirror there to be able to see myself while figuring out which outfit to choose for the day.

I am thrilled with the handmade Lavender Sachets we have at FrenchGardenHouse right now. Made by hand from antique French Laces, vintage Millinery trims from a Parisian Hat Shop, ribbons and all sorts of delicious trims, these are exquisite. Some of our customers use these as ring~bearer’s pillows in their wedding, they are that beautiful. Always a limited supply, as many are one of a kind.

Velvet Pansies, old store stock from the 1920’s from Paris…layered on top of antique French net lace and brocade…divine!

This one captured my heart, antique French Lace, over vintage Cream French Velvet, and a 1920’s Parisian Lingerie Rose made with chiffon, satin and lace.  What a gorgeous gift for a bride, or yourself {for your finest lingerie}

It’s rare to find these kind of details on anything these days. Velvet, layered with antique French lace, then another vintage old Parisian store stock floral embellishment further enhanched by hand stitched vintage rhinestone beading. Silk ribbons make this a perfect ring~bearer’s pillow, the bride can use this in her closet after the wedding.

Finally, our newly designed box of European Rose Petal Soaps are in stock.  Featuring our exclusive label, each see~through box is layered with 40 Rose Gardenia single wash soap petals, nestled on top of fine pink shred.  Fragrant Soap Rose Petals that look and smell like real flowers, one wash per petal. So realistic, they look like they just fell off the rose. Very finely cut, high quality European Soap that lathers richly and rinses off easily, an impressive addition to your guest bathroom, the perfect hostess gift.  I love these, they smell heavenly, and I hope you love the label I finally chose for our boxes.


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

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