Remnants of the Past Antique Show

I love Antiques, so it’s only natural that I love Antique Shows, right? I wanted to share a few images of the Remnants of the Past Antique Show with you. It’s held in San Louis Obispo, California, at the base of the Madonna Mountain. The weather couldn’t have been finer, sun, slight breeze, California at its best!

Right up front, this gorgeous booth, above. Beautiful. Everything we all adore….making it so difficult not to spend all my allotted money right away.  See the velvet pumpkins? The antique bottles, the antique balls of linen, the bistro chairs, table, French pottery, it’s difficult to walk away when literally everything is calling your name.  {note to self, bring earmuffs next time to drown out fantastic antiques calling you!}

Judy Watkins, the creative genius behind this show, pulled out all the stops by gathering the most wonderful, creative sellers.  The sellers really spent so much time putting together their booths to showcase all their gorgeous pieces to the best advantage.  Each and every booth was beyond stunning, a joy to look at.  And enticing.

This vendor of antique Silver had a stunning display….I did purchase a few pieces here of Victorian Mother of Pearl silverware to add to my own collection.  And was sorely tempted to buy a few more sterling tea pots for at home.  Luckily {??} I have run out of storage room for those.

A wonderful display of antique ironstone caught my eye…you can never have enough of these, for display, and for using. They literally last forever, hence the name “iron” stone.

So many beautiful, old pieces to enjoy. Linens. Grainsack Pillows. Religious pieces {although most of those were reproductions…but great ones~~}

Like this one, above, what a great display!  Love how this seller placed an antique zinc bathtub behind the figure.

It was such a great experience. I bought a few pieces for myself {once in a while, a treat is called for, don’t you think?} and met so many sweet, kind people!  Many of you turned out to be customers of FrenchGardenHouse ~ and it was great to meet and talk with you!  I loved meeting all of you, thank you for introducing yourself.  To cap it off, we had dinner at one of San Louis Obispo’s finest restaurants with the advertising executive of Romantic Homes Magazine, and we had so much fun, we were there for hours talking and laughing … the perfect ending to the perfect day.  If you would like to find out more about Remnants of the Past, find their website  HERE.


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

11 thoughts on “Remnants of the Past Antique Show”

  1. The velvet pumpkin was my favourite. Loved all the touches of autumn in the displays because I’m feeling feeling homesick for colourful leaves, hot apple ciders, and corn mazes. 🙂 That’s interesting about ironware…I’d never put the name to the image in my mind but it makes perfect sense.

    1. I love the velvet pumpkins, too! They were so beautiful, using real pumpkin stems made them the best.

  2. Hey my friend, it has been far to long since I have dropped by…This show looked simply incredible…Nothing like that here in Aus… I hope you are well and life is wonderful…take care cxo

    1. Cathy, so great to see you here!! Hope everything is wonderful over by you down under. I know you would LOVE this show…so beautiful. Maybe you could start your own Antique Show there?! If anyone could, it would be you.
      xoxo Lidy

  3. What a feast for the eyes– I love everything I see! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. I love your website, too!

  4. I was just in California this past weekend and would have loved to have attended this show. Alas I had 10 year old sweet boy in tow so that would not have fared well. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am sorry I missed you, Laura! Would have loved to meet you at Andrea’s, alas I was at this show. Maybe next time we can get together. xo

  5. Gina Houpten

    I love your website. The times I’ve ordered from you, I’ve been so very very excited and happy with the pieces. Thank you for the care you take
    in not only selecting the BEST quality antiques, but also the care you take in packaging. I love FrenchGardenHouse and love reading your blog,
    too! Gina

    1. Thank you so much, Gina! You are so welcome, I am so glad that you are happy with your new treasures.

  6. Terry Pistone

    Have a vintage stain glass window from the Old Met Opera House at 1411 Broadway, NYC. Where can I find information about this stained glass and where can I find out what its worth.

    1. Terry, I suggest you contact Historic Houseparts in New York. They have an extensive collection of antique stained glass windows on offer. Google the website, they will have a ‘ contact us’ form.

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