Sunny Flowers

Sunflowers!  These large glorious flowers don’t really need to be arranged.  Simply cut at an angle with a sharp knife.  Remove some of the lower leaves if needed, and arrange in a vase, or an antique watering can. Beautiful inside.  Beautiful outside.  Right now I have some arranged in an antique watering can, they are outside on the garden table, where I can see their happy faces from the kitchen windows.

There is lots to do this week, especially in the garden as the seasons change. Holiday photo shoots for the website. Baking some Pumpkin and / or apple treats for the weekend. I love these early weeks of Autumn!


“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see the shadow.
It’s what sunflowers do.”
by Helen Keller

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14 thoughts on “Sunny Flowers”

  1. Gorgeous! I love to use vintage things to decorate for fall. Crates, old
    pottery, canning jars – the more, the better! Love your blog…so inspiring!

    Have fun!


    1. Sounds so beautiful, Becky. I love using all those old antique pieces to decorate for fall, too. They look so great with the flowers and pumpkins of autumn, don’t they?

    1. They are so cheerful, aren’t they? Perfect for right now, when some mornings are a little gloomy.

  2. Denise

    Beautiful………. Everything died here…… no flowers for the fall…….. but I expect a burst of color this coming spring…….. Sunflowers are among my favorite…… They just make you smile…….

  3. I love sunflowers… they just speak of summer and fall with hints of France!

    Big hugs, Sherry

    1. You are both so right, Denise & Sherry! Hints of France….maybe that’s why I love them. But then they are also so happy. ps. The larger ones in the photo are called Teddybear Sunflowers, Ginger.

  4. Your sunflowers are absolutely beautiful. Are they from your garden?
    I am jealous, in a good way : )

    1. Don’t be jealous, Julie, I bought them. The garden is sort of at the end of its glory right now!

    1. They DO make you happy and smile when you see them, don’t they?

  5. Beautiful! Sunflowers are some of my favorites, too. Love your website!

  6. Dawn Williams

    Love your photos! The French bedroom furniture is gorgeous!

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