Weekly Favorites: Summer French Country Wares

I love gilt, {no “u”!}, glamour, refined elegance just as much as anyone.  But then there is French. Country. Wares straight from the Brocante {fleamarket} or Campagne {country side}.

A little worn, a little shabby, but charming never the less, and oh! so French.  We are unpacking crates and boxes and bags of all things French we purchased on our latest buying spree…and these are few of my personal favorites this week.

Large Antique Body Pitcher, dating to the early 1900’s. Used in homes to pour water for washing. Cold water…mostly!

Vintage Wooden French Garden Trug.  Perfect for picking flowers in the garden.

Or carting in all your fresh vegetables to the kitchen.

I have used these filled with little potted plants on my dining table, too.  No matter what you use it for, even if it’s only for “display” these are charming and beautiful in all their rustic charm.

Brocante French Market Basket.  Used for centuries to take chickens to market, and back home again!  Even today you can see many French women and men with one of these strapped to the back of their bikes riding from Market.  Don’t worry, no chickens needed. These are fantastic storage, you can fill them with things you need at hand, but don’t neccesarily want to see.

Finally, the antique French Enamelware always steals my heart.  While we have a great collection of more “upscale” floral enamelware in the shop right now, these simple country pieces, the workhorses of French Kitchens, have a charm all their own.  This one below is softest pale yellow. Just gorgeous! 

All of these new Country treasures are available at FrenchGardenHouse.com.   Hard working, but lovely.  I think the things we use in our homes can be both, should be both!  Everything you surround yourself with can be well designed and beautiful, adding beauty to your every day.


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites: Summer French Country Wares”

    1. Sunday, thanks for visiting! Hope you are having a lovely summer. There is something so lovely about each of these old, old pieces, isn’t there?

  1. Hi there sweet friend …
    I’ve been missing you .
    I keep watching your website for a certain piece for my client.

    p.s. you are the savvycityfarmer August blog pick of the month!
    see my sidebar

  2. Thanks so much! I will go over now and check it out. Hope you are having a fabulous summer. xoxoLidy

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