I love a White Christmas, do you? Now that we live in California, snow isn’t likely here at home. {although we can go to the mountains!} Now a White Christmas is more about how to decorate for the holidays. All White is elegant, calm, and beyond gorgeous! It’s the perfect color selection to go with our French antiques. All White suits Gold as well as silver additions, and there is nothing like white to set off Christmas greens.





For this Holiday Table, we used an antique all white Tablecloth, mixed with antique white Limoges plates, new Belgian Linen Napkins, and a simple White rose arrangement. The silver garlands and little Eiffels add extra fun.




Perfect for tea, or a special dessert time with your girlfriends after holiday shopping.






Do you love all white? or do bright colors really make you sing? I like to change it up each year, do you? I’d love to know. xo

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1 thought on “Dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS”

  1. White is my favorite- agree the Xmas greens make them stand out,
    Most people afraid of white furniture and walls- I use art as paint or wallpaper and so easy to change look of room by changing pillows
    Thanks for sharing

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