Take Care of Cut Roses: Ultimate Rose Care



We all adore the sweet Rose. From tight bud to full blown large beauty, the rose just spells romance, unlike any other flower. I’ve had so many emails and messages on Facebook from you about caring for cut roses, that I decided to share these tips in this post : Take Care of Cut Roses: Ultimate Rose Care. These tips will  make your bouquets last as long as they possibly can to make you and your home happy.





Faithfully following these steps will ensure that your Roses are the best looking, longest lasting flowers in your vases!



These ultimate rose care hints apply to store bought flowers, and most of the same principles apply if you are lucky enough to have them blooming in your garden right now.







1. Buy the right Roses.

Only buy Roses from a shop that consistently delivers good flowers. This could be your local grocery store, too. In order to tell if there is a good chance the Roses are fresh, gently “squeeze” the head of a few of the flowers. They should feel firm, not loose. After feeling a few of the Roses, you’ll know what I mean. The stems should be upright, and the leaves should be healthy and green. Most Roses will look great in a vase from 4 to 20 days, depending on the temperature, the kind of rose, and the quality.



2. Unpack your Roses Promptly.
Once you get home, put them immediately in a temporary container of water in your sink. At times, for me, I put them in my blender container {it’s handy being right near my sink} filled with water. {I admit, during really, really crazy busy pre party times, I’ve been known to fill a roasting pan with water and stick my flowers in there for a short time, but that’s not ideal.} For large quantities, I fill a very clean bucket with water and store the flowers there until I can make them into arrangements.



3. Clean the Roses.

Make sure that both your cutting board, and your knife is clean. Bacteria can contaminate floral solutions and ultimately clog up flower stems. Remove leaves and thorns that will be under the water level, but not the others, they are beneficial for the Roses. You can use a small knife, or buy a special tool to strip the leaves and thorns, just be careful not to nick the stems, because that impedes the water uptake, or allows bacteria to enter the stems.



4. Give the Stem a Fresh Cut.

Using your clean, sharp knife, cut off at least 1″ from the stem ends. Cut at an angle, don’t saw back and forth, but make a clean cut. Immediately after cutting, put the flower in your vase, which you have already filled with luke warm water and a packet of floral preservative. Flower food almost doubles the vase life of cut flowers, so if your purchased bouquet doesn’t come with it, it’s smart to buy some.  If you prefer to use floral scissors, make sure they are clean and sharp.



5. Make a simple, beautiful bouquet.
Continue to add flowers, I personally tend to like short cut bouquets, they look tighter, showcase the Roses better, and tend to last longer. Don’t display your Roses near a heat source {a very sunny window, the heater vent etc.} Re cut the stems in a few days and refresh the water every other day, which will really give your bouquet a longer life. Enjoy the beauty of Roses! Of all the flowers created, surely the Rose is one of the most fair. Although for me, the Hydrangea and Lisianthus are a very close second. I learned so much from my friend Carla, florist extraordinaire, who allowed me to work with her a few Valentine’s Days in her shop. My bouquets at home have been happy ever since.



to moms with love



I have created a special French Flower Arranging Kit with all the tools you will need to create stunning, lasting rose arrangements at home.




What flowers have stolen your heart? I’d love to hear.

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  1. kay hazelbaker

    I agree with you on the beautiful and pleasure of healthy roses or hydrangias!! Growing up in K.C. Mo. I also loved my Mother’s Lily of The Valley flowers and their wonderful scent. Your weebsite is such a pleasure. thank you

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