MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS | Souvenir of Summer



Do you collect souvenirs






when you go on a vacation somewhere?












This time our theme is souvenirs.








Our darling friend Shirley is not here this time





but we hope she will be back {because we know she’s everyone’s great favorite!}





 Be sure to visit Pam and Mary, I’ll give you their links at the end of this post!







We just returned from a little trip with our whole family to the lake.






 I don’t know about you, but anytime I can gather all my children and little people in one spot






I cherish and treasure that time in my heart.






We had such a great time, we spent most of every day on the water in kayaks






and on paddle boards.




It was such a refreshing time…I literally did   n o t h i n g.






I enjoyed our family, the lake, and summer.






It was the only vacation Mr. FGH and I went on this summer.





I know we went on some buying trips…but honestly,




believe it or not, those are not vacations!!





{Up at 4:30 or 5:00 many days, walking and driving around all day – it’s great fun to source antiques,

but not what I consider a relaxing.}






While at the lake, went looking for a little souvenir in shops.






I tend to buy antiques on trips as mementoes. {No surprise, right?}




 I didn’t find anything on this trip.








The antiques I usually take home from a trip include silver, plates {yes, I probably am the undisputed queen of plates!}





and French pottery, like the country pot I made this flower arrangement in.







 Oh! And then I did buy this 18th century French Buffet des Corps




as a souvenir this summer!




{I know, that’s not really a normal souvenir. But I couldn’t help myself!}





It holds all my other souvenirs, the silver, the dishes, the everything I use to entertain with here.








This arrangement is a last ode to summer gardens.





Dahlia’s were my father-in-law’s favorite





and his flower garden in Europe rivaled the best.









I am deep into the fall photo shoots here at FrenchGardenHouse





for the FGH Fall Collection that will launch next week.






So this deep dark wine color palette I found at the flower market was perfect!







Because the pottery is earthy,  I decided to place one of the antique cutting boards on the table as the base,





and layer that with an antique paisley shawl.





I placed the vase on two of my favorite design books by Charles Faudree.










Merlot Oriental Lilies

Burgundy Alstroemeria

Deep Wine Dahlias

Ornamental St. John’s Wort {hypericum}

Seeded Eucalyptus



Be sure to visit Pam and Mary:


PAM at Everyday Living


MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

and me,



LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse


 I’m trying going to share our bathroom remodel,

but need to finish working on the Fall Collection first! {sorry!}

à bientôt

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

25 Responses to MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS | Souvenir of Summer

  1. Lidy, Your arrangement is so beautiful! I love the deep red wine color of the dahlias and lilies paired with the eucalyptus. As beautiful as it is, I can’t tear my eyes away from your antique French Buffet des Corps…what a statement piece to house all your treasures! So glad you had a good vacation with your family. The water looks so cool and inviting, especially with our sweltering summer weather! As always it’s a treat to start Mondays with flower loving friends. ?

  2. Mary, I got a little taste of your life on the daily, living on the water at your lake. You are blessed! It’s always such a joy to share our Monday Morning Blooms with you. xo

  3. So pretty Lidy. It sure looks like a great time with the family. I have no doubt your buying trips are exhausting. Although fun finding pieces driving and getting up the hours needed for it is draining.

    Look forward to your bathroom reveal.


  4. Thanks Cindy. The buying trips are wonderful and fun, but not as relaxing as sitting on the dock drinking iced tea watching my little people and children kayak on the lake! {Or being in a boat with them} Hope your Monday is magical!

  5. Lidy, your floral arrangement and vignette is gorgeous! I tend to buy antiques, too, as souvenirs. Also, I adore plates! I see them as true works of art. I am swooning over that breathtaking piece of furniture you bought as a souvenir. What a stunning piece, and it looks just lovely in your room. Enjoy your day, sweet friend!!!

  6. Shannon, thank you! I agree, plates really are a work of art. Enjoy your day, too….xo

  7. Lidy, You deserved a vacation and I am so glad it was relaxing. We all know that vacations to Europe although wonderful are tiring because we are trying very hard to cram so much in. And I can only imagine how exhausting buying trips are.
    Your French Buffet memento in the background of your Monday Blooms vignette is stunning. I enjoy every mention of your FIL’s garden. Wish I could grow dahlias.

  8. Bonnie, thanks so much! I wish I could grow anything! Luckily, my Mr. FrenchGardenHouse is a master gardener. He keeps our gardens looking beautiful, I just buy the plants and boss around. 🙂

  9. Beautiful post Lidy, love your new piece of furniture it is lovely. So nice to have a family vacation and down time! Have a great week!

  10. Thank you Theresa! Yes, it is a blessing to have the luxury of getting away and spending time with people you love. I hope your week is a beautiful one! xo Lidy

  11. Dear Lidy, I love the burgundy colors of your beautiful arrangement, it just resonates warmth! That magnificent French Buffet des Corps is certainly a treasure, it is absolutely stunning in your space. Your lake vacation looks so peaceful, I am so glad you did nothing, you deserve it. The family picture is a precious memory that you will treasure. I love spending Monday with my flower loving friends

  12. Pam, the lake vacation was so so very nice…I’m hoping to repeat for many years to come. It was beyond relaxing. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful Monday Morning Blooms day! Hopping over to see you right now. xo

  13. Charles Faudree – a favorite of mine. He picked up some lovely old Scottish antiques in his time – I covet! Just also just finished a bathroom to make a built-in shower for my husband with no doors for easy access. Didn’t see a place here to leave a picture but I’m very happy with it. Has some toile – of course. Regards Janet PS Now have a case at The Mart Collectives in Venice if you are up that way. I have to start selling my antique jewelry.

  14. Lidy, your vacation at the lake looked wholly rejuvenating – good for you and your family to be able to share the time together!
    Love the wine colors in your farewell to summer arrangement – they are beautiful.
    And that buffet des corps?! WOW, it’s stunning!

  15. Thank you so much, Rita. I love that buffet de corps….I think it makes up for about a hundred souvenirs I didn’t buy. : ) xo

  16. Lovely family vacation Lidy…the wine colored flowers are a great nod to fall and they are stunning paired with the pale eucalyptus leaves and the ceramics. The French buffet was simply made for your room, beautiful!

  17. Thanks so much Jenna! I love these colors, when I got the selection of flowers home I thought they were a little dark for this time of year, but oh my, they are gorgeous!

  18. The family vacation (always the best) sounded amazing!…love the pics of your beautiful family and I am sure you all had such an amazing time…and glad that you were able to relax and enjoy your loves!…As always, I so love seeing your beautiful arrangements in your magnificent antique treasures. Love that you took us through the beauty of France all curated on your table with that gorgeous Buffet de Corps in the background…it’s extraordinary! … I can only imagine how beautiful and enchanting your father-in-law’s garden was….Missing you three on this MMB day….Have a wonderful day and week Lidy!!!

  19. Miss you too sweet friend! But we will have many flower adventures together to come. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. xoxo

  20. Your arrangement is so beautiful, I just keep going back to admire it! My favorite colors.

  21. Oh wow, that deep red color is my favorite. It’s truly stunning. End of summer blooms really are the most beautiful, aren’t they?

  22. OMG – Your flower arrangement is stunning and I love the whole theme but I am just swooned by your 18th Century French Buffet!!! What a beautiful piece! I love the way it commands presence if you will but only because it is such an amazing piece of furniture. Those beautiful wood tones and carvings in your light filled room are the cats meow!

  23. Third times a charm-having Internet problems . Your floral arrangement in the deep wine colors is soooo beautiful!And the French Buffet des Corps is stunning and makes quite the statement in your lovely home. I would be a happy camper to have brought home this souvenir!!! Great Monday morning blooms ladies.

  24. Thank you Denise!! The “souvenir” is taking the place of ten years Christmas and birthdays too. : ). It’s so fun seeing what our MMB friends create twice a month,isn’t it? Xo

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