Weekly Favorites: In Love with French Aqua Antique Glass

Hello! I am so happy to be able to share some of these wonderful antique French glass bottles and jars we just got in.  It’s been a great afternoon for a photo shoot here in the garden, the sun shone brightly, and as you can see our lavenders are coming back in full force.

Each and every one of these antique French glass pieces is wonderful.  Most are hand blown, some into a one piece mold, others have a line to show that they were blown into a two piece mold.  I chose only pale aqua blue glass this time, it’s such a pretty color!  Especially when the light hits it just right, as in these few photographs.

The Demijohns were wine flasks, each is hand blown and so beautiful. The perfect vase for a few flowers, or just to display as an objet d’art.  I have seen these used as a great decorative accent filled with “used” wine corks from special vintages too. Don’t you just love this pale aqua color?

These vintage French yoghurt bottles are so pretty, to use to serve drinks, milk, or as a vase, they bring French Country charm everywhere.  Sometimes here at home I line them up on our table, to hold a single bloom, or  I put them in one of our antique bottle carriers.

One or more just give every setting a special French farmhouse feel, don’t you think?

Our latest antique glassware finds are available now in the shop: HERE for demijohns and HERE for the Pickling Jars and Yoghurt Bottles.

Thanks so much for reading my blog…I love to share my finds and days with all of you.

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XO Lidy

15 Responses to Weekly Favorites: In Love with French Aqua Antique Glass

  1. Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment here! Such beautiful bottles! And I love your pictures!

    I wish you a nice day!

    Hugs Camilla

  2. These are stunning. Just ordered a few pickle jars for my farmhouse from you. Can’t wait to use them in March for a dinner we are hosting. Always the very best, fresh picks from FrenchGardenHouse. thanks

  3. These have such a very pretty color, wonderful to use for flowers. I particularly love the yoghurt bottles, they look so nice with the hydrangeas.

  4. What gorgeous colored glass jars and bottles! I love that you are using alot of them for flowers! Just beautiful!

  5. Thanks, Thea…me too! The glass is such a pretty color, especially when the sun hits it.

  6. I collect the pale vintage glass as well. After a bit you begin to realize it’s quite an obsession. I also collect vintage glass grape clusters. I know a part of that is the sparkle of glass. Thank you for the beautiful web site. Blessings!

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