By now you all know me. I like adore Autumn. Fall. whatever you call it!

Autumn is absolutely wonderful here in Southern California. All the windows are still open, and we enjoy the cool, crisp breeze that wafts in. This is the month to celebrate the cozy warmth of fall.

There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating the romance of autumn at home.

Antique Rose Oil Painting

Here’s how to decorate your home to be at its best this season, with small, luxurious touches of autumn.


The simplest way to create beauty in your home is to arrange little areas, or “vignettes” around your home.  You don’t need to decorate the whole house with fall colors or pumpkins to give a hint at the season.

On our table in the hallway, these antique wood shoe molds make a little display with a stack of antique French books.

The blue grey French silk ribbon adds a little pop of color to accent the browns of the books and wood.

Antique Shoe Stretchers

On our sideboard, I designed a little bouquet {Trader Joe’s flowers} in an antique sugar bowl. A large brown and cream Ironstone platter leaning agains the wall is the other nod to the season, the silver cruet set, English domed server and antique oyster spoon just add sparkle!

Antique Silver



Really, is there anything sweeter than spending time with friends and family? To make it easy to be able to invite guests over for a simple coffee and dessert, morning or evening, take your beautiful antique dishes out of the closet and put them on display. In our kitchen, under the watchful eye of Monsieur Cochon, I set our large table with a collection of antique cake plates, bowls, and silverware.

It makes it so easy to invite someone over for a drink and a treat, the dishes, napkins and utensils are already set out.

By leaving this in the center of our large table for autumn, I can make coffee, and have an impromptu “catch-up” time with friends who stop by unexpectedly. The bowls are perfect for ice cream, or warm apple crisp for dessert.

Bonus…I can see my pretty dishes every day.  {p.s.- as you can guess, that pie doesn’t last very long there!}


Scent has a way of transforming rooms. Indulge in a beautiful aroma, light a candle in your living room to uplift and elevate your joy of the season. My favorite scent right now is our French Country Currant Verte.

A fresh scent, it recalls an evening in the French countryside with friends, lingering over a pleasurable meal with a glass of wine. Perfumed with the scent of French currant berries, apple, and succulent notes of pear, the fragrance flourishes into bergamot and grapefruit.


Luxury French Currant Verte Candle

I light a candle on autumn evenings once it gets dark. It’s not just a delicious way to softly scent your rooms, it also has a welcoming glow.  Be sure to burn your candle until there is an even wax melt each time, otherwise your candles will start to tunnel down the center.


Read my CANDLE BURNING TIPS to get the very most out of your luxury candles.

Another beautiful way to add a little romance to your autumn is to invest in beautiful smelling soap.  This little set of soaps comes in its own wood soap dish, these smell so good!  A perfect gift for hosts and hostesses, stock up on a few of these, and don’t forget to get at least one for you.

French Collection Soap Sampler

This is one of my go-to gifts for all the people on my list.

I chose a few soap gifts for my French Fall Home Collection this year, all of them smell heavenly! Made using traditional French Provencial methods and only the finest ingredients, our Savon Pomme d’Amour, or Harvest Apple Soap is back, it’s a most delightfully luxurious way to cleanse and nourish your hands.

Savon Pomme d’Amour

Every room in your house can be filled with beauty, and the sights, sounds, and scents of fall….even your kitchen! The secret in is in the small, daily luxuries and details.


Not every one of us has the luxury of a whole room to create as a “just-for-me” space. But all of us can create a spot, a small little sliver of space where we can relax and refill our spirits.

Do you have a spot where you go to recharge?

I know you’ve seen my chair in the living room before. It has a tiny little French footstool underneath, and for fall, I use an antique Paisley throw for warmth.  The chair is in front of our large living room windows overlooking the garden. It’s the perfect spot to take a ten minute break in a busy day {and aren’t all our days busy?}, drink a cup of tea, and read a chapter in a favorite book.

Sometimes I just look at the birds fluttering outside in the fall garden.

Velvet Coverlet

Our bedroom is another favorite spot where I go to recharge and relax, even if it’s just for a short time.  I  layered our bed with linen duvets and sumptuous velvet pillows and coverlets for just this reason, to be soft and pretty, and relaxing to the eye.

I often sit on the bed and read a few emails, or catch up on my reading.




I have a love for beautiful storage. When you store things in unusual antique boxes or jars, everything becomes part of the decor.

Gilt and glass boxes, either antique French or vintage American ones, make me smile. They add a glimmer to any space, and really up the romantic feel of any room.

In our bedroom I use a stack of boxes to store my vintage rhinestone pins, and other sparkling jewelry that I don’t wear every day. The large French box holds silk tassels, because the color is so beautiful.

The best part of glass storage boxes is that when you change what is inside, the look of your display changes, too!




On the sideboard, I keep a gathering of linen napkins, each encircled by an antique silver napkin ring, piled in a silver compote. Antique mother-of-pearl flatware is laid out on a silver salver nearby, so that when I set the table for guests, everything I need is right there.

The beauty of the antiques and linens are on display for us to enjoy, but it also reminds me to use what I have.

That’s really the purpose of owning beautiful antique pieces, isn’t it?

To enjoy them, and to share their loveliness with others.

Antique Silver



Never underestimate the powerful presence of flowers.  Flowers have elevated the elegant style of palaces and chateaus; at one time the value of flowers {tulips} surpassed that of gems and gold.

If you do only one thing to bring the romance of autumn to your home, an arrangement in the deep, luscious colors of autumn will change the look of your room.  It instantly signals a change in the seasons!

Use your antiques to hold floral arrangements, it brings a personal touch to your flowers. You can see how to make this arrangement  here >



French Copper Poissoniere

For this arrangement for a casual dinner, I added little containers filled with mums to an Antique Copper Fish Poacher, then layered in artichokes, ivy from the garden and a green pumpkin.


Make this romantic autumn French Country rose arrangement >


Art with flowers makes the same breathtaking impact!  This antique oil painting, with a touch of autumn colors, is a beautiful way to add just a hint of the season at home.

Antique Rose Painting



This is the perfect season to use bold, jewel tones in your home.

Don’t want to fully commit to the deeper, lush colors of autumn? Why not create a fun, colorful table setting for a special dinner with friends?



I went out on a limb with this table setting! It’s a little bit wild, a lot bold. But somehow, it all works. I’ll be sharing this table setting next time. It may not be for you.

It’s usually too busy even for me, but I had such a fun time dreaming this up….you’ll never guess what that gold leopard runner is!

Squirrel French Bucket

Where else can you add a touch of autumn beauty at home?

Every spot has great potential to be beautiful, and hint at your love of Autumn!  All you need is to use your creativity.


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  1. Susan, thank you…I imagine it’s just beautiful at this time of year in your part of the world. YES! Candle burning tips. Until I developed our own line of candles, I never knew to give it a full melt pool, and that candles had “memory” – makes all the difference!

  2. Lidy, I always love reading your posts! You have the best decorating tips! I love Fall, too. We just moved, and I hope to be able to add touches of Fall to our house soon. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your week!!!

  3. Beautiful vignettes, Lidy! I’m getting excited about bringing in some richer colors for fall.

    I feel in love with your cruet set but its sold!!! Just my luck!

    Jane x

  4. Thanks, Jane. I’m already excited about it, now if only the weather would cool down a little {or a lot!}
    Happy Thursday, friend. xo

  5. Wow Lidy! As much as I hate to let go of summer, your Autumn vignettes make me want to get busy and add some Autumn-ish touches to my home decor.
    Your bed looks so comfy, I could just crawl right in. The plaid throw is calling my name. It leads the eye right up to the stacked antique books, white pumkin and beautiful roses. Also love the engraving hanging above.
    Just a wild guess (at your invitation), but is the gold leopard runner in your table setting a shower curtain or drapery panel? You’ve got me wondering.

  6. Julie, thank you. My bed is so comfy, it’s sometimes so tempting to take a nap, although that doesn’t happen often enough! Great guesses on the leopard, but neither o e is right. Come back tomorrow to find out.{it’s something really simple}

  7. Well you and Mother Nature do Autumn oh so well. The perfect vignettes that proclaim autumn is here combined with the aromas and delectable food of the season. Autumn is such a wonderful time to spend with family and friends … it’s our family’s favorite time of the year as we all get together to give thanks for family at Thanksgiving … well all year long for that matter!…It is always such a treat to see the beauty that you bring to us….and must say, I speak from personal experience, the French Garden House candle is aromatically mesmerizing…the aroma brings you such a sense of calm!

  8. Thank you, Shirley, that means a lot coming from you….as you do Autumn so well too! Autumn is such a sweet time to get together, I agree!

  9. Is there something missing in this article? Is there a picture that is to be with #7? I don’t see any table arrangement and especially I can’t find a gold leopard runner. There is a large empty gap of white space in my email so I’m guessing something isn’t right here. What am I missing? Thanks

  10. Pamela, the photo is in the post. I’m not sure what you are seeing, sometimes it helps to click on the post link if you are viewing it in an email to go directly to this post on the site. And sometimes it helps to refresh your browser.

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