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Vintage Morten Studio Seated Terrier Figurine

Vintage Morten Studio Seated Terrier Figurine
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Precious sitting Terrier puppy has that naughty look on it's little face that those of you who have a Terrier recognize! It's that "what trouble can I get in right now?" kind of look. Oscar Morten, the designer of this figurine, immigrated in 1931 from Sweden to the United States and opened a giftware studio in Chicago. He created over 300 collectable dog and horse models over the next 32 years, composed of ceramic over a metal skeleton.


Because Morten Studio pieces were made one by one by placing ceramic over a partial metal framework, they are rarely found completely intact. This rascal has a few spots where he is worn, both his ears have a tiny bit missing. The bottom is  marked “Copyright Mortens Studio”, The paper label is still on his back, although a little bit of that has gone missing in the last 65 years. He was hand painted in the signature Morton colors are of creamy ivory, caramel, and soft black. Measures 3-3/8" h x 3-3/4" x 2".

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