Vintage Millinery Purple Organza and Velvet Rose


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Vintage Millinery Purple Organza and Velvet Rose made for the luxury hat trade. The most magical flowers outside of a garden, flowers like this were made in France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and Germany. This vintage flower is a fabulous addition to your collection, it has shades of lavender and purple, two curled velvet petals.

Pin this beauty on your suit, a la Chanel {I’ve taken to wearing large flowers on my blazers just for fun!} display in your home, tie to a package for exceptional style, or embellish a pillow. Express your own individual style with great flair. Hand made, cut, shaped, colored and sewn, there is some slight fraying on some petals as is to be expected. A beauty!

  • Measures: about 4-3/4″ x 4″. 
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