Versailles Luxury Candle Gift Set


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Inspired by Marie Antoinette, this Versailles Luxury Candle is hand-poured in a beautiful glass container. Sold in the Château de Versailles shops, I’m excited to offer it packaged in an exclusive set with matches for you to enjoy here at home. Made in the South of France with fragrances from the French perfume capital, Grasse, this floral, fresh and delicate scent is like the perfume Marie-Antoinette loved. 

The candle is the most pleasant way to perfume an interior and create an atmosphere of cocooning and long lazy Sundays. A perfect gift for someone special. Made with vegetable wax and clean burning cotton wick.  Comes with a green box of matches with golden bee and skep. Price is for one candle in box with ribbon and matches.

Fragrance: mint, mandarin, raspberry, rose, sandalwood & amber


Extra-long burn time 48-50 hours.

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