Set of 3 19th Century Goose and Swan Egg Prints by Henry Seebohm


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Authentic Set of 3 19th Century Egg Prints by Henry Seebohm, these beautiful antique chromolithograph prints are collectable book plates which were taken from a dis-bound Victorian Natural History book by Henry Seebohm, on birds eggs. Henry Seebohm travelled throughout Europe and created the six volume History of British Birds {the Royal Library has only the first four books}, Mr. Seebohm died before he could finish the final volume, which was completed by Richard Bowlder Sharpe and published in 1896. The books are considered one of the best studies of bird eggs of the 1800s.

These exquisite 1800’s prints are beautifully detailed and were printed on medium-weight, cream colored paper, blank on the reverse. Fabulous bright, clear colors as lush and beautiful as the day they were printed. The eggs are gorgeous in their varied shades of cream, blue, green, golden brown and more. To be expected in prints of this age, there may be a few characteristic areas of foxing as shown, which is easily matted out for framing by your frame professional. Display in a grouping, these prints make a stunning statement! Sold in a set of four. Because we were fortunate to purchase a whole collection, the price for 3 is a really great price!

  • Measure: 10″ x 6-1/4″.


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