Set 4 Antique French Framed Hand Colored Engravings Incroyable Et Merveilleuse


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Rare and Incredible Set of 4 Antique French Framed Hand Colored Engravings Incroyable et Merveilleuse engraved by Georges Jacques Gatine, Paris early 1800’s. Part of a set of 33 engravings depicting extremely fashionable French men and women, after drawings by Horace Vernet and Louis-Marie Lanté. Engravings just like this are in museums in France, England and at the Met.

Larger than most fashion plates {usually made for magazines} these were on a grander scale, designed for print collectors. Gatine’s fashion engravings, particularly the Incroyable et Merveilleuse series, are now considered some of the finest records of French fashion of this period. Each engraving was hand colored at the time of origination, in a French mat with hand coloring and gilt. With the dust cover I bought these with on the back, and a shipping sticker on the back. A rare and stunning collection!

  • Each framed print measures 16-3/4″ x 12-3/4″.


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