Rare Pair Matched Bisque Heubach Figurals Gilr & Boy Enjoying Sweets


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Rare Pair Matched Bisque Heubach Figurals Girl & Boy Enjoying Sweets, made by world renowned Gebruder Heubach, who made the most magical bisque dolls, and all bisque figurals, in Lichten, Germany, from 1840 to 1925. This adorable pair was made around 1892, and they are so appealing, depicting rosy-cheeked, expressive-faced children enjoying sweets. They are full of character and personality! Right up front I will let you know that the boy has a restored hand – no doubt after some little person, enamored by the two, reached out and dropped him. The restoration is on his hand, and there is a break in his cap with sweets. Heubach is especially beloved for their matched pairs, this is a rarely found pair, the boy is about to enjoy something delicious that he has gathered in his hat. His sweet friend {sister?} has a candy cone, sure to be filled with delicious candies. Though each piece is whole unto itself – together they tell the whole story, illustrating an emotion or capturing sweet moments in a child’s lifetime. Because they are meant to be a pair, I bought both of them since they have been together their whole history, even though he is. not perfect.

Both of these children have amazing attention to detail, these figures were hand painted in several different versions, this one is the most detailed, and also the loveliest. She is wearing a light blue dress with a white ruffled apron, her striped shawl ends in a frilly ruffle. Her apricot shoes have little bows on the buckles. He is quite the dapper little gentleman in his light blue and apricot striped pants, over his white shirt he wears a light blue vest, with gilt applied detailing. The beautiful applied gilt make these two especially appealing. These enchanting children are 3-dimensional ‘portraits’ in early bisque. Every detail, color choice and shading was thought out for realism, they are meant to be enjoyed from every angle. She is in very good condition, the boy has been restored as mentioned , the hand holding his cap. Fortunately the restoration is on his hand holding his cap, and there is a break in his cap with sweets. Please look at the close up photos, and only adopt these two darlings if you can live with that. Matched pairs of this quality are so rarely found that I forgave him his restoration. These are the cabinet large size. Priced accordingly.

  • Measure 12-3/4″h.
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