Rare Antique Large Father Christmas Scraps Blue


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Beautiful Rare Antique Large Father Christmas Paper Embellishments or “scraps” or die-cuts as they are called. The Victorian Father Christmas images were made by  Paul B. Zoecke of Berlin, which was founded in 1896, these date to the 1920’s – 1930’s. Rare to find in this large size, each stunning Santa Claus, Pere Noel or Father Christmas was printed so expertly, colorful and vibrant.

One Saint Nick is wearing a blue coat, the other a red one. They carry Christmas Trees, and plenty of toys! The assortment of toys is wonderful and includes Teddy bears, dolls, drums, airplanes, boats, trains, horses, games, balls and more, oranges (which were still an expensive treat in the early 1900’s} and more to gift to lucky boys and girls on Christmas Morning.

Printed on paper with a satin finish, these are old unused stock I was thrilled to find on our latest buying trip. Perfect to frame, to make holiday ornaments with, to embellish gifts for the holidays, an exciting decorative find! Marked PBZ. Sold per sheet, each has 2 Santas as shown. 

  • Each Santa measures 9-1/4″ x 5-1/2″.
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