Rare Antique Large Curly Sheep Blue Bow and Bell


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Exceptional and decorative 19th Century Large Sheep, he is a rare to find size. {I have only seen these in a doll museum in France} Wearing his original large golden bell and French blue silk ribbon bow, he has a beautiful sculpted face and hand painted features. He has a short mohair coat, what a treasure!

Imagine him joining your collection of antique French dolls and bears, a joy! I was thrilled to buy a whole collection of sheep from a “grande maison” estate on our latest European buying trip, be sure to visit all of them. Generations of children have carefully placed him in their “special spot” for the holidays…he has a little paint loss on his carved wooden legs.

  • Measures 6″ h x 5″ x 2-1/2″.
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