Rare Antique Calling Card Gelatine Window Roses


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Started in France in the early 1800’s the custom of carrying {and leaving} calling cards was a social custom that became highly popular all through Europe and the United States. Used by higher society, ladies and gentlemen would leave a card when calling on their friends on a specified day of the week when the host or hostess would be “at home.” 

This more rare to find card is quite inventive, it has a red gelatine window through which you can see a couple and is a hidden name card. When the roses scrap is lifted, the name of the caller can be found. A stunning collectable addition to your paper ephemera collection. In very good condition, the original gelatine has cracked after more than 100 years but is all present.

  • Measures about 3-7/8″ x 2-1/8″.

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