Rare 18th Century Italian Polychrome Processional Santos Madonna


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A magnificent early 18th century Italian Madonna hand carved with exquisite detail in her face, she is exceptionally beautiful and refined.  Cleary hand carved by a 1700’s master carver, it is extremely rare to find a madonna wearing her ornate crown with this quality of carving and paint. Used in religious processions in Italy, pieces like this almost never survive in this condition. She is truly a beauty, very few processional Santos were carved with this level of skill in both carving and painting, most are much, much more simple and primitive.

This decorative Virgin Mary has her original paint, a beautiful elegant profile, stunning hand carved crown with gilt. She would have been dressed in a gown and jewelry, and held aloft over the heads of those walking in the procession by means of a wooden pole.  She is missing a portion of her left arm, but the fact that she even still has arms is a major coup for her, most pieces of this age are missing both arms, or their crown, some even their very head. A stunning piece of art to display in your home interior or business, she is of museum quality and an heirloom you will be proud to leave to your heirs. Measures 21~1/2″ h x 11″ x 11~1/2″.

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