Nicole Felted Mouse Ornament


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Our Nicole Felted Mouse Ornament is especially excited for tonight. Maman has said she can go to a party in the village, and she has a special gift to present to her best friend Claudette. Excitement is high, and she’s already dressed in her grey jumper, a gold belt she’s usually only allowed to wear to church on Sundays, and holding her little gold bell – it rings.  Her whiskers are constantly twitching for the magical thrill of it all!

She is a delight to top off a special package for someone you love! Designed in the UK and skillfully crafted in Nepal by needle felting teeny layers of loose organic wool fibers, creating a sculptured and realistic little animal. Each one wears a slightly different antique lace skirt, she has a character of her own and is a truly artisan piece!

  • Nicole 4-3/4″h.


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