Natural French Country Cognac Linen Napkins Set of 4


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Fall for linens. Our Natural French Country Cognac Linen Napkins are made of premium linen, which is stone washed to create a casual and luxurious finish that’s soft to the touch with an elegant, just-slightly-rumpled look. They get softer with use, and get even better after each wash!

Linen napkins make your meals a little better, and these beautiful chestnut linen napkins add joy to your table! Made by a small family business without the use of chemicals. These beauties add casual elegance to your every-days and special occasions. Now in this glorious French Country Chestnut color.

  • Measure: 18″ x 18″.
  • Machine wash with gentle detergent {not Tide.} Tumble dry on medium, remove from the dryer while slightly damp so wrinkles haven’t set. Shake the fabric out flat, smooth it with your hands, fold. 
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