Le Petit Hive Bee Farm Honey Bee Beeswax Candles Set of 2


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Made by a family of bee keepers that have over 99 years of beekeeping experience, these Le Petit Hive Beeswax Candles are not just adorable.  Beeswax candles burn longer, brighter, and cleaner than any other wax. Natural, with a non-toxic burn, they produce negative ions that positively impact your body.

A delight to use on your table, or one at a time to cast a warm welcoming glow at home. A wonderful hostess gift, too!  Each little hive will burn for about 2 hrs. I suggest placing each one on a little saucer or tartlet pan to catch the drips. Sold in a set of 2. Store in fridge for longer burn time.

  • Measure 3-3/4″  x 3-1/3″ w x 1-1/2″h.
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