Hand Woven Provence Fuseau de Lavande Petit Set White Pink


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Hand Woven Fuseau de Lavande using Lavendula x intermedia Grosso, with the highest concentration of essential oil. Made since the 18th century, lavender batons or wands were given to brides in France. The delicate ribbons are woven around the lavender stems, caging the fragrant lavender flowers inside. The fragrance can be released by gently squeezing the woven wand. 

Has the gentle and refreshing fragrance of the lavender fields in France with the hum of bees, reminding you of that divine season when you rented a petit chateau in Provence. Inhaling lavender clears the mind, while calming and soothing the senses. Color of stems will fade over time. Packaged in a cello bag, ready for gifting, price is for two 8″ wands.

  • Measure approx. 8″.


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