Hand Dipped 9″ Bayberry Candles


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Hand Dipped Bayberry Candles are such a seasonal delight. These bayberry candles are the most wonderful candles. Only available during the holiday season because the company only produces one batch each year. They are my “go to” host or hostess gift, always joyfully received. I packaged them in a cellophane bag, and a printed card with the legend of the Bayberry Candles.

Bayberry wax is the rarest and most prized wax of all candle waxes, it has a warm scent. Tied with a ribbon, ready for gifting. Traditionally given at holiday time, but we love them here at FrenchGardenHouse so much we burn them all autumn and then at Thanksgiving. They are a natural beautiful color, with a natural bayberry scent, and are such a classic tradition. 

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