Estate Antique Czech Crystal Perfume Bottle Intaglio Cherub


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Estate Crystal Perfume Bottle with a stunning decorative stopper featuring a decorative Cherub. Most likely the work of Heinrich Hoffman, a prominent glass maker with a reputation for making luxury glass, especially intaglio perfume bottles. Hoffmann´s reputation for making exceptional pieces made of jet black crystal was established in Paris just prior to Lalique´s venture making objets d’art of glass. Together with his colleague Henry Günther Schlevogt, Hoffman manufactured glass pieces from their own designs, and those of famed artists in Czechoslovakia.

Deeply cut with diamond cuts and a starburst design on the front & back of the bottle, the stopper has facet cuts along the outer edge, the original dauber is attached. It has a frosted reverse intaglio of a Cherub and his Lyre Musical Instrument, which has beautiful detailing. A prize for your antique Czech Perfume Bottle Collection, or a very, very special start of one, a luxury collectible gift for someone you love.

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