Decorative Antique Pine Wood Bread Plate & Knife


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Decorative Antique Pine Wood Bread Plate, a welcome addition to your Country style kitchen. I love these here at home, and use them happily for serving bread, crackers and cheese, fresh-baked croissants, or for slicing an apple. The round boards from the late 19th century are getting rare to find! This beautiful board has a lighter color, a hand done curved edge, great patina, and BREAD carved at the top.

There is patina, and wear as shown, there is a split that does not go all the way through, all signs of aging. A fabulous addition to your collection of English and French antique bread and cutting boards. The wood handled serrated knife was made in the USA and is still very sharp. Display in your cuisine with joy!

  • Measures:board-9-1/2″;knife-13-1/2″l.
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