Antique White Linen and Point de Venise Lace Napkins Set of 8


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Gorgeous Set of Antique White Linen Napkins, a set of eight. Beautiful & decorative  hand made white lace edges and corner detail. Sublime! This wonderful set was most likely made in Italy, with high luxury quality Irish Linen. Lovely “hand”, the linen from Ireland is highly sought after for its durability and crisp weave.

The corner of each napkin has a point de venise lace floral inset and a lovely embroidered bow detail. An elegant set of napkins, the best in classic elegance, and a highly  collectable addition to your most gracious tables and your collection. What better reason is there to throw a dinner party?  Sold in a set of 9. 

  • Measure 17-1/2 x 17″.
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