Antique Victorian Page Turner with Silver Monogram


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Antique Victorian Page Turner with Silver Monogram, simply fabulous! This 19th century paper opener or page turner has an ornate silver Monogram of an ‘M’ and celluloid blade.  Researchers have shown that, despite being thought to help “turn the pages of books”, these were actually used to “cut open” any uncut pages in books, so readers could to “turn” the page. Uncut pages were common to Victorian Era and earlier books since long sheets of paper were folded numerous times to form leaves, which would be printed on both sides.

The leaves were then hand sewn into books, and most leaves cut during the binding process. But sometimes a few leaves were left uncut, hence the need for a page turner to cut the pages apart. This is a lovely addition to your Victorian collection, and unusual object to display in your library. In good antique condition with a small split on the back as shown.

  • Measures 9″ x 1-1/8″,


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