Antique Victorian Gold Watch Chain Necklace with Locket


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A stunning fine quality Antique Victorian Gold Watch Chain Necklace with a Locket. The chain is made of two late 1800’s watch chains, one has a large gold slide and is marked 14k., the other is not marked for gold content and I haven’t had it tested, so it is most likely 10kt. Both the chains have original watch clips. The gold filled locket is the focal point of this beautiful necklace.

Inside the locket are two circular openings, one with the frame still intact but no covers. Signed inside by Kollmar & Jourdan {KJ} well know for producing beautiful quality lockets in the later 19th century. There is some wear to the locket as is to be expected after more than 100 years of being lovingly worn. I have taken a  very high definition photo for you to see. Keep two of your favorites near your heart with this exceptional necklace.

  • Measures:chain-21″; locket 1″.
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