Antique Venetian Hand Painted Parchment Half Shades


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Exquisite pair of Antique Venetian Hand Painted Parchment Half Shades, with hand applied royal silver leaf scrolls. The shades are finished off with beautiful cording trim in cream, these were made by master craftsmen. The parchment paper is a rich shade of caramel, they literally shine when lights glow behind them. So prized were these that the artist always initials each shade.

Not perfect, these have been used by a family for decades, one has a slight blemish as shown where it was pushed in, and there is a  minute part of the silver leaf missing. It has not torn all the way, I forgave this and hope you can too as these are gorgeous and getting more difficult to find of this exceptional quality. Sold as a pair.

  • Measure 4-5/8″ h x 4-1/2″ w x 3-1/2″.

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