Antique Tapered French Wood Patisserie Rolling Pin


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Antique Tapered French Wood Patisserie Rolling Pins from Brittany, France. Hand turned, the classic tapered shape enables better control, makes it easier to maneuver with one hand, so you can use your other hand to turn the dough while you roll. This is an authentic smaller sized rolling pin, used for rolling out pastry dough, fondant, tart dough, cookie dough and more in French patisseries. 

One is a wonderful addition to your French Country kitchen, more look fabulous displayed in an antique French crock. I was thrilled to buy a collection from France! It has a smooth exterior, small imperfections such as splits in the wood, aging, and indentations show they are authentic. Please allow us to choose one for you.


  • Measure approx. 11″ -12″.
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