Antique Redwork Hand Embroidered Pillow Case Pair B


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Beautifully decorative, this Antique Redwork Hand Embroidered Pillow Case Pair is completely hand embroidered, including the scalloped edges. In the 1880’s women paid extra for this red embroidery floss, Turkey Red, it was color fast when none of the other colors were.

There are little self ties inside the case to close it around the pillow. The floral design is charming, but it is really the scalloped edges with leaves that make this pair of pillow covers rare to find- they are completely hand embroidered. The cases have slightly rounded corners, there are some soft storage stains that may come out. Use these on your beds, or your sofa or porch swing for a gorgeous accent.

  • Measure 34″ x 18-1/2″.
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