Rare Antique Georgian Silk Work Printwork Landscape


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A Georgian  Silk-work depicting a serene rural landscape within a gilded gesso frame. Mind boggling embroidery, hand work so fine, from the 1700’s. This type of highly skilled silk embroidery is called a printwork and was popular for a limited time between 1790-1820 both in Europe and North America. This style of needlework imitated the very fashionable engravings that were so popular during the 1750-1800 period. The needleworker painstakingly imitated the dots, lines and cross hatching of the copper plate engraver. The idyllic landscape was first painted on silk and then embroidered with single threads of silk. This portrays a country scene, a small cottage along the riverbanks, with lush trees and a bridge to cross to the other side. 

The skill required is outstanding to the point that the embroiderer was able to achieve the effect of shading by varying the sizes of her stitches giving the work the look of a grisaille painting. The silk is slightly tattered on the top right corner, this is considered minimal. Protected under glass in the original oval gilt gesso frame, it is exceptional and so decorative. Little pieces of historical art like this are so rare due to the challenging nature of the work. The attention to detail is incredible.

  • Measures 8-5/8″ x 6-7/8″.
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